15 Jul

Sylvain Marcotte

iOS Version Statistics – July 14th 2012

July 15, 2012 | By |

Here are the iOS version statistics for July 14th 2012. The poll was taken from May 14th to July 13th.


Updated statistics are now available here


  1. Ryan James

    Hi guys,

    Just have a couple of questions:

    Where do you get your poll statistics from?

    How many large is your sample of people?



  2. Sylvain

    Hi Ryan,

    Sorry I forgot to reply. We get our stats from an app that we have deployed. Our sample pool is not large but enough that it gives you a decent feel for what’s out there. Our app is being used in many countries by a wide audience of users as well. We have also correlated the data with other surveys (more standard type) we have done and they basically match. We will also be adding other app to the pool in the near future so accuracy will improve over time.