A mobile application is an essential tool for an organization

Apr 03, 2019 . By: Ilona Danilova
About the advantages of mobile apps for organizations | 5 minutes read


      It has been almost two decades since the first smartphone came into the market (remember those Palm Treo?). Since that time, the technology landscape has seen tremendous improvements such as the ability to receive emails or full internet browsing and of course mobile apps. Those improvements have boosted the development of supplementary industries such as mobile phones production and software development.

      Since the first apps were developed back in 2008, our smartphones have become an essential part of our life – it influences our behaviors especially in the way we consume information, consider it, and take action. No wonder that on average we spend 8.8 hours per day engaging with digital content on our smart devices (According to Adobe Consumer Content Survey).

      With that in mind, it is important to consider that drastic behavior change in how you communicate with your audience. No longer is it sufficient to just send emails and expect 100% engagement from your audience or simply have a website, smartphones and mobile apps must be considered or you risk the chance to lose your customers or members.



How can your association or organization benefit from a mobile application?


Before answering, let’s analyze human behavior.

We want to get the information in the most efficient way which means fast, relevant, convenient, and interactive, and also we want our voice to be heard. So, we tend to engage with the content that can constantly satisfy our expectations. In return, organizations are looking for options on how to satisfy our needs.

In professional marketing terminology, this process is called customer experience.

Let’s consider how a mobile application can improve your member’s customer experience.


1. Fast and relevant information delivery

With a mobile app, your customers or members will receive the updated or most relevant information right in the app or with special app notifications or pop-up messages. There is no need to wait for a web page download or even remember a specific URL to find out the information. With everything in the app, you can be sure your customers or members receive all updates on time.


2. Engagement efficiency

First, you have a mobile tool to create different interactions with your members or customers to hear their voice and analyze their opinion to improve your services. Voting, surveys, collecting feedback on a specific topic or the event – all of this can be implemented directly in the mobile app.

Second, the customer can use smartphone tools to engage with the app: make screenshots/photos and attach them in the app, scan barcodes, screen fingerprints to identify themselves for voting or surveys for example.


3. Costs reduction

Direct messages in the app reduce costs compared to other traditional messaging options. Moreover, the messages are secured and its delivery is guaranteed because you as an organization control this process.

It reduces the costs for the operational support of your community members or customers because you do not have to manage the traditional paperwork, for example organizing the elections or surveys.


4. Improve your brand awareness.

The branded mobile app icon is always noticeable on the mobile phone screen and it constantly reminds your members about your brand and organization’s activity.




In general, by considering a mobile application now, you are ensuring your customer’s or member’s loyalty in the future.

Next time you are taking public transit, take a look around and see how many people are looking at their smartphones. Now ask yourself a question, are they looking at your app or the app of one of your competitors?



Consider a mobile application for your association?

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