14 Oranges Software is not your average mobile application development company.

Our team is balanced between creative and analytical mindsets: engineers, developers, sales people, designers, managers and graphic artists. We operate as a highly distributed company with the option of working from home, or in an office environment. We trust our employees, and in return, all our employees earn an ownership stake in our firm.

Management Team

Sylvain Marcotte, Founder and CEO

Prior to founding 14 Oranges, Sylvain was Vice President of Engineering at CounterPath Corporation where he supervised the production of all application development, IT and support. Sylvain has over 20 years of software development and engineering experience. Throughout his career, Sylvain has been involved in various customer engineering, support, sales support, and development roles.

Dan Lefrancois, CTO

Dan joined 14 Oranges in August 2011 as a developer then became the Chief Technical Officer in October 2012. Prior to joining 14 Oranges, Dan worked as Firmware Engineer for Kodak in their Commercial Prepress Division. Working as a firmware engineer, Dan often found himself leading teams in dealing with large system-level multifaceted technical problems. This, coupled with a deep interest in all aspects of technology, has lead Dan to join the highly dynamic environment at 14 Oranges.