City of Hamilton, Ontario

“Info Grove has greatly improved our city’s mobile offerings and has allowed us to quickly communicate with citizens regarding city news, emergencies, and events.”

Bonnie Large
City of Hamilton

Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council

“We were looking for a tool which could help them revolutionize how they stayed in contact with their members… Rather than being a single application with a single target, it was intended to be rolled out, reminted, and reconfigured on a case-by-case basis.”

Andrew Hurrell

Arkansas Education Association

“To connect with our members, we wanted to develop a mobile app. Info Grove allows me to makes changes or add content to the app with only basic computer skills… we considered the ability to manage the app ourselves without having to hire a designated coder valuable.”

Kyle Leyenberger
Arkansas Education Association

Hudson County, New Jersey

“We created an election-based app that provides all the information an individual would need for any election. This application technology is definitely worth exploring. It’s an exciting new medium of communication that has infinite possibilities.”

Analyst, Governmental Office
Hudson County, New Jersey

Macdonald-Laurier Institute

“14 Oranges Software produced an app with the potential to increase user engagement across multiple channels, lower the bounce rate, and generate a high ROI by soliciting leads and donations. The team accommodated both the nonprofit-level budget and scheduling expectations to deliver promptly.”

Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Orica Mining

“14 Oranges developed a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows users to access reference materials, procedures, and contact information without an internet connection. Users can fill out forms remotely and choose to send them once they’re back in a location with cell service or wifi.”

Safety Manager
Orica Mining

Washington State Pharmacy Association

“14 Oranges built a comprehensive app that’s exceeded expectations and received positive feedback and excitement from internal staff. Professional, courteous, and responsive throughout, their team delivered a high-quality product despite a limited budget that had been turned away by competitors.”

Janet Anderson
Washington State Pharmacy Association