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Info Grove is the easiest way to build and manage a mobile app.


Info Grove allows you to update content on the fly and reach your target audience fast with a mobile-first approach.

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One App - Countless Options 

You decide the look, content, and features. We make it happen. 

Push Notifications

Send targeted push notifications to reach your audience based on age, location, or interests.

Surveys & Forms

Provide custom surveys to receive feedback from your audience.

3rd Party Integration 

Connect your current systems, such as WordPress, KnowWho, and MyDeals to Info Grove.

Audience Insights 

Collect data and analytics about your user base. Identify primary use cases in the app.

Event Modules

Deploy specific event features to accommodate and promote all your events

Reduce Communication Costs

Retire traditional print media and generate revenue with banner ads

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Add and edit content with a backend content management system.

Allow multiple levels of content authors

Create password protected areas in the app

Collect and manage analytics and surveys







Next-Level Outbound Communication Service.

Designed for associations, governments, and businesses.

Reach your audience on the platform of their choice.

Build brand loyalty and improve engagement.

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Case Studies

Polygon Gallery
WSPA mobile app

Washington State Pharmacy Association

Arkansas Education Association


"We created an election-based app that provides all the information an individual would need for any election. This application technology is definitely worth exploring. It’s an exciting new medium of communication that has infinite possibilities."

- U.S. County Official 

"We were looking for a tool which could help them revolutionize how they stayed in contact with their members… Rather than being a single application with a single target, it was intended to be rolled out, reminted, and reconfigured on a case-by-case basis."

- Canadian non-profit association 

"To connect with our members, we wanted to develop a mobile app. Info Grove allows me to makes changes or add content to the app with only basic computer skills… we considered the ability to manage the app ourselves without having to hire a designated coder valuable."

- U.S. Education Association

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