The 14 Oranges’ SODA framework is the tool used by our development team to deliver stunning managed mobile applications to our customers. It’s cloud-based content management system permits our customers to adjust content in their mobile apps like they would with their website, and make changes on-the-fly.  SODA is a hybrid framework, supporting both native plug-ins and responsive web-design and is meant to cover 90% of the mobile application needs of organizations who need an app, but want the simplicity of managing a website.

The SODA framework is run as a multi-tenant cloud-based self-managed content management environment with hybrid clients that support push notifications based on end-customer user profiles.

Crisp and clean, no caffeine.

The SODA framework underpins our mobile application management service, but it can also be the basis for yours.  We can help you become a mobile app-as-a-service provider to whatever industry you are seeking to serve.

Give a man an app, he serves one customer.  Teach a man to build apps, he serves an industry.

Join us and help deliver mobile applications to your industry of choice.