Another interesting app. Now I doubt I would see this app as something that will go for much longer. On average an app costs from $15,800 to $39,600 to create so at that price, that’s a lot of coffee. Granted I haven’t seen the app and sounds like they are paying per purchase so they have amortized their costs; however, I doubt one store can pull this off. Instead what I can see is banking companies / credit card companies providing apps so that you can pay from your phone using your bank / credit card info. Just like Mobio service, you scan a QR code and process your payment straight there. Paypal has an app at the moment but I doubt much stores are setup to take advantage of it. Cirrus and Interac would be the perfect system to implement those as they are well recognized and trusted as financial services. They are likely operating too slow and I am guessing that Mobio is to steal their thunder much like Paypal did on the web. That will be interesting to follow.

New App Takes the Lineup Out of Getting Coffee