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We bring value to your business

We were founded in 2009 with the philosophy of serving our customers by understanding not just their application needs, but the actual business problem behind their application needs, and then delivering the complete solution to solve their business problem.

We are rational, ego-free and passionate about serving our customers.

Our team is balanced between creative and analytical mindsets: engineers, developers, sales people, designers, managers and graphic artists operating as a highly distributed company (aka we all work from home).

We trust and respect our employees, and in turn, they delight our customers.

We believe in simplicity, and comfort; they are two virtues of good design.

We believe in transparency and quality; we do all the development in-house so our clients can follow the progress at any point along the way. Relationships matter, and we leverage the latest live meeting technology – face-to-face – whenever we can. We are a collaborative group and are immensely proud of the quality of our work.

We believe in bringing value to your business.

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Projects Deployed

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14 Oranges Sylvain Marcotte CEO President

Sylvain Marcotte

CEO & President

14 Oranges Daniel Lefrancois Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Lefrançois


14 Oranges Yvonne Leonard Senior Quality Assurance Team Lead

Yvonne Leonard

Director of Customer Engineering

14 Oranges Ryan Hines Senior Software Engineer

Ryan Hines

Senior Software Engineer

14 Oranges Amandy Lai Software Engineer

Amandy Lai

Software Engineer

14 Oranges David Tiszolczi Bookkeeper

David Tiszolczi


14 Oranges Karim Mansour Inside Sales Representative

Karim Mansour

Inside Sales Representative

Angus Yeh

Web Developer

Baukje Edamura

Quality Assurance

Johannes Weber

Web Developer

Curtis Warcup

Web Developer

Mateo Perčić

Mobile App Developer

Melika Soltani

Mobile App Developer

14 Oranges Martin Stewart

Martin Stewart

Senior Sales Executive

New 2

Senior Web Developer