As reported here, Best Buy is offering iPad 2 to its employees. Now the article doesn’t go into details as to what the actual use will be for the employees but we’ve always thought that iPads would be the perfect help tool for salesmen. Imagine going to Home Depot, Wallmart, Best Buy, or any other large floor space store. You could walk to any sales person and without them having to walk anywhere to find a work station, they could get you all the details you needed about a product or the location of a product. The other use would be for sales folks to approach customers and provide answers right on the spot. Couple that with a credit card reader like from Square and you could close the sale right then and there. Even if the customers are “just looking”, the sales folks could capture a little bit of information which could be fed back to a database for further analysis and data mining providing help in finding what customers really want.

Best Buy Offers iPad 2 to Employees