We are excited to announce that mControl for iOS is going beta this week. The current beta is now full but keep posted as Embedded Automation may go ahead with a beta 2 and will likely need more folks to sign up.

Quick description on mControl:

mControl is software for managing your Digital Home. mControl manages interaction with devices within your home – providing mechanisms for energy management, security and surveillance, media management and other controllable devices.

Out of the box, mControl supports a broad range of technologies and protocols – allowing your digital home to take control of metering systems, lighting solutions, climate controls, security systems, cameras, audio/visual equipment and beyond.

mControl provides real-time information and status on each device, allows control of these devices and has a sophisticated logic and rules engine to automate operation of these devices.

mControl includes a variety of built-in user interfaces, allowing instant status and control of your digital home from your preferred location and platform. Whether you prefer a browser, a media center (TV) interface, a touchscreen or your mobile phone – your digital home is accessible to you.

What 14 Oranges has provided is the ability to access mControl from your iOS device using an app tailored specifically for each form factors (iPad and iPhone).

We are excited about this release. Stay tuned for more!

mControl for iOS Going Beta – Another 14 Oranges Production