We’ve recently helped a local company launch their iPhone app. If you are looking for a fun and free polling app, check out Pollate. This app was not developed by 14 Oranges but we provided testing and consultation services. The app is a great example of how mobile crowd sourcing can be used to create a very compelling service. Within minutes you can get quick results on any questions you may be wondering. Want to know how many cars/phones/TVs people have in their households? Want to know if people practice Yoga? Simply create the poll question and answers (multiple choice) and press submit and within minutes, you start to get answers. Couldn’t be simpler to use. We personally have been using the tool to get results on the overall mobile market. Here is an example of a poll we recently conducted:
14 Oranges Pollate Mobile App Polling Question

As you can see, iPhones are here to stay. Anyway if that’s something that may interest you, you can get it from the app store.

Kudos to the Pollate team for a job well done.

Pollate – Fun Free Polling App