A friend of ours created this app called StockAnalyzer. As the name suggests, the app can be used to analyze market stocks and determine if certain stocks (NYSE and Nasdaq) are worth buying or selling. The app is based on a technique published by Phil Town (Rule #1 and Paybacktime) and is very simple to use. You enter a stock symbol (say AAPL) and within seconds returns with its analysis based on current growth, projected growth, so on.

The analysis is best explained on their website so you are best to go there if you need more information; however, they do provide a simple “How it works” section in the app which could be considered the dummy explanation for the app.
That section includes a simple flow charts with the following questions

  1. Are all or the majority of the Growth Rates green?
  2. Is any of the Top 3 Discount Prices green?
  3. Do charts indicate BUY momentum?

If you have answered yes to all, then the stock is considered a good performer at a discount price with BUY interest. As you can see, Apple is a good buy according to this technique.

The app is only $1.99 and at that price, it is way cheaper and perhaps less subjective than using a stock broker.

Stock Analyzer App