The Apple Watch has Landed!

Day One:

12.57pm- Watch delivered to office. I terrify the delivery man by popping up from my desk like a whack-a-mole. Mild staff panic ensues

12.58pm- Box opened, much oohing and ahhhing. Luckily no one is trampled

12.59pm- Admire snappy watch with my outfit.  Conclude everything goes with leopard print

1.00pm- Everyone has gone for lunch, I am left to sort out the watch.  My precious….

1.04pm- Victory is mine!  I have got the watch synced to my iPhone

1.06pm- Uh oh.  I have just unsynced the watch from my iPhone

1.08pm- Must get this fixed before everyone finds out and I’m mocked mercilessly

1.10pm- Cannot respond to the messages I sent crowing about the watch because it is still trying to re-sync.  Oh, the shame

1.40pm- Everyone returns from lunch and ping pong, no one is the wiser to my mishap. Muhaha

2.04pm-  While driving home I receive a phone call.  Huzzah!  I answer and talk into my wrist like I’m in Star Trek.  Make a mental note of the ease in which I can answer calls while driving

3.00pm- Meet friend at Starbucks.  Am stared at and approached by strangers.  Is this what it feels like to be famous?

3.30pm-  Am rudest person alive because I keep checking my watch to see if anyone is contacting me.  Shocker, no one is

3.40pm-  I walk home and talk into my wrist again.  Perhaps I should consider a job in the Secret Service…

4.00pm- Continue fighting watch for dominance.  Wondering why two and a half years in IT has not prepared me for this moment

4.05pm- Begin charging watch in anticipation of people wanting to inspect it tonight at a BBQ

Stay tuned for next week’s (more in-depth) instalment of the Apple watch review!

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