Google Analytics is a great way to keep in touch with the online habits of your customers.  After watching their analytics, Forever Yours Lingerie noticed that each month, the number of mobile visitors to their website steadily increased.  This is a very common client request for 14 Oranges since 60% of web traffic comes from mobile and just yesterday, Google has started factoring mobile capabilities into its search rankings.

Forever Yours wanted to stay on top of the trends and optimize their website to be mobile-friendly in order to better serve their customers.  Our team adapted the Forever Yours websites theme by adding breakpoints where the site’s elements are changed dynamically to make the content easy to read and navigate on any mobile device.

Try loading the Forever Yours website on your tablet or smartphone.  Savvy shoppers will be thrilled with the site responsiveness, clear menu, easy scroll, product photos, selection and checkout.  There are lots of high resolution photos for each product on Forever Yours, which is much appreciated because many online stores choose aesthetics over customer experience and only include one or two small photos.

For many, the checkout process can make or break an online shopping experience.  According to the Baymard Institute, 68% of shopping carts are abandoned online. If users have to jump through hoops of fire to buy something, they will abandon the purchase and vow never to return.  Forever Yours has a fast and easy checkout page so your head doesn’t explode and force you to quit.  They also offer in-store pickup which is an underrated feature that is so useful for people who live in the area.

Forever Yours has women of all sizes and ethnicities represented on both their website and mobile site which is refreshing and really positive to see from a women’s clothing retailer.

For an easy, mobile-friendly shopping experience, head over to Forever Yours to check out the selection of lingerie, swimsuits and even men’s boxers (see guys, they didn’t forget about you!). For a fantastic mobile website, come talk to 14 Oranges.

Forever Yours Lingerie: Staying Ahead of the Mobile-Friendly Wave