As a newer 14 Oranges employee, I didn’t expect to be invited to the Apple WWDC this year, especially since I am more adept at Android than iOS.  However, it’s like being chosen by the ghost of Steve Jobs and you don’t say no to that! Employee training is a cornerstone for successful tech firms so being encouraged by 14 Oranges to attend felt like they are invested in my continuous learning.

I am thrilled to attend the WWDC in San Francisco because I am looking forward to attending the famous opening keynote. I am sure there will be at least one surprise in the keynote that the rumours have not mentioned and the atmosphere is going to be electric.

I am hoping to learn more about the upcoming versions of iOS and the Watch OS. I am curious to find out which new features will be added to the operating systems, how the interaction between the iPhone and Apple Watch will evolve, and the performance of the new operating systems in older devices.

I am also excited to learn more about Apple’s plans for Swift programming language. Swift was introduced last year out of the blue and the language has improved throughout the year. Will this be the year Apple makes the move to replace Objective-C with Swift as the development language for iOS apps?

Finally, I am looking forward to attending the workshops and exchanging ideas with fellow developers. I am hoping to bring back knowledge that will make our current and future iOS and Apple Watch apps better.

WWDC may not be as exciting to the general public as the events where new iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches are unveiled, but the developer tools and features unveiled will shape the apps that will be coming in the next few years. Thus, as a developer, WWDC is the most important Apple event of the year.

Apple’s WWDC 2015: Expect the Unexpected