Moving is one of the nine circles of Hell so when I joined 14 Oranges and learned they had just moved offices and I wouldn’t have to move anything, I was overjoyed.  The old office was small and didn’t fit enough of us since we keep adding new staff so a new office space was in order.

The BCIT aerospace campus that we moved to is beautiful and entertaining since it’s all glass and we can watch the planes fly right over our heads. Though it can be alarming at times when I’m convinced that the planes are too low and won’t clear our building so I duck like I’m driving through a tunnel.

One special part of having a great office like ours is inviting clients and guests to come see it.  It can be a bit of a trek but we promise it’s worth it.  On Wednesday we had our Open House to celebrate our move and guests couldn’t stop commenting on how cool it was to watch the planes. Planes are clearly the best backdrop for any party. Most parties are delightful because of the food and drinks and ours was no exception.  The food from BCIT was a hit with the crowd and the cold beer certainly hit the spot on such a warm day.

Our clients and neighbours had a great time and we’re thrilled everyone enjoyed themselves.

It was exciting to see all our staff in the office since most people work from home. Catching up with co-workers usually happens over the watercooler but that is more difficult for us logistically.  Normal days include me terrorizing Iain by accidentally revealing Game of Thrones spoilers or eating all the gummies and hoping no one noticed (if anyone asks, it was Sasan). In addition, Manu, the pillar of 14 Oranges plays ping pong every lunch break so it was expected he would convince guests at the party to take him on.  Clarence stepped up to the plate and a heated game ensued.  On our way back from the ping pong game Clarence and I got locked in the stairwell and had to call Sylvain to save us (from hero to zero in 10 seconds).

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us, we really appreciate the effort!

Ping Pong, Getting Locked In Stairwells, and Airplanes: A 14 Oranges Open House