My first day at WWDC 2015 is over and now is a good time to reflect on a crazy day.

I woke up at 4:45am in order to save a good place in the keynote lineup. I arrived at 6am and the lineup was almost around the block of the Moscone Convention centre. The line started to move on and off throughout the morning and I was inside the convention centre by 7:30am. Apple had breakfast available for the people in line inside the convention centre so I did not have to starve waiting in line before the keynote started.

I managed to get a good seat at the keynote and the atmosphere was electric. The cheers coming from the audience were genuine and developers were very excited that Swift is going to be open sourced later this year. They were also thrilled that newer tools will be introduced to make their lives easier. Apple Music and the news app are not geared towards developers so these features generated the least amount of cheers.

Some people will find WWDC boring because no splashy new feature was announced. The new versions of OS X, iOS, and watchOS are evolutions, not revolutions. The features introduced today will improve user experience, help users keep their old phones longer, and make it easier for developers to produce great apps.  Overall I’d consider that a huge success!

I also attended the Platforms State of the Union event. The event is geared towards developers and it provided more technical information about some of the iOS and watchOS features announced in the keynote. Their session also included live code demonstrations

I am looking forward to the start of the sessions, labs, and events that start tomorrow.

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