Smartphone users expect there to be an app for pretty much anything they can think of these days. Since a lot of apps are free, people download and store them without a second thought.  As such, I was curious about which apps people use the most and why, so I posed the question to the 14 Oranges staff.  As part of an ongoing series, and in no particular order of importance, I present three 14 Orangers and their favorite app. Let us know if you like them or have never heard of them!

Eric Chan


PhotoSync is an easy way to backup photos from your device to your computer. PhotoSync allows you to transfer your photos & videos between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC over your local Wi-Fi network. It also supports sending and receiving photos and videos to and from popular cloud & photo services, mobile storage devices and NAS.

Holy crap, this app is glorious!  When I transfer photos I email them to myself which is basically one step above above a man on a horse delivering them. – Kirsten


Luis Moscoso

SkyView® Free Android or iOS

I love this app because it allows me to stargaze using my phone. The phone screen shows the location of most celestial objects in real time so I can tap on a object and find out more info. Want to find the planet Venus in the sky? Run the app and look around the sky until you find it. Don’t know the name of a visible star or planet? Point the phone at the object and click on the screen for more info.

I used this app at a BBQ on the weekend to try it out because I can never identify any kind of star formation.  Everyone stands around pointing out big and small dippers while I nod along but this time I was going to be the know it all.  I whipped out the app and easily identified the constellations around me.  Victory was mine! – Kirsten


Sasan Naderi


Working in development can mean that you’re managing many different devices simultaneously and it can be challenging if you want to pass information between them. Pushbullet allows you to communicate with all your devices including your desktops by installing an add-on to your browser. This app solves cross device communication for me and makes it simple to share links, notes, photos and files with others as well.

Since I don’t know much about development I didn’t get too much from this app.  I can understand its appeal if you’re working with a few devices because it really streamlines sharing. I could see it being useful if you were at someone’s house and wanted to show them a video on your phone. Cat videos need to be shared with everyone – Kirsten


Stay tuned for the next instalment of our favourite apps!

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