A website is an essential sales and marketing tool that is the face of your company and the first touchpoint for customer interaction. Websites must to be updated and evolve along with your business in order to maintain a fresh look and keep up to date with Google analytics regulations and industry changes.  Mobile searches have outnumbered desktop searches so ensuring a seamless customer experience on any device is a requirement.   

Every year web standards are updated and new methods to build websites like WordPress are developed.  For example, a site that’s several years old may have lots of HTML code so the website will load very slowly.  New coding styles and updates allow websites to be more secure and load very quickly, so take this into consideration for your website update.  Other features such as social media integration and blogs are more of a necessity than trend, but they can easily be built into web updates.

Waiting several years to update your website can lead to updates costing more money or even a complete website overhaul.  Also, with the recent number of high profile hacks, website security is not something to be taken lightly or ignored.  By making bi-yearly changes and updates to your website, you are keeping up to date with new technology, security and best practices.  Staying on top of your website helps catch possible security breaches, build your brand, increase sales and optimize performance.  Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you.

Let the 14 Oranges team evaluate your website with the following criteria:

Site Snapshot

A backup of the website would be created for disaster recovery and stored offsite.

CMS Updates

WordPress or other CMS would be updated to the latest version and related bugs addressed.

Plugin Updates

Plugins would be updated to the latest versions and related bugs addressed.

Firewall Maintenance

Software Firewall would be updated and verified.

Site Review and Code Cleanup

General review of the website and website speed would be performed.

Password Resets

Account passwords would be reset and submitted to you

Minor Changes

Minor content changes could be applied to the website as required to a maximum of 30 minutes.

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