Is your mobile app underperforming? Give us 30 min to consult on it, and help you make it a winner.

Did you start to sense it was underperforming when you read some bad user reviews in the app store? Did you see the worrisome “This app crashed when I opened it,” or the generic, “This app sucks” in the comment feeds?

Did Apple send you an email letting you know your app wasn’t up to their standard, and they were going to pull it from the store? Was the content out of date? Maybe the graphics looked pixelated on your new Pixel XL device? Perhaps that last push notification didn’t buzz on your new smartwatch?

There could be lots of reasons, but if your analytics are showing that your downloads and usage are down dramatically, your app is underperforming.

We can help you. Take us up on a free 30min consultation. We will tell you how to get your app back on track. We will apply our 8 years of custom app development experience to your underperforming app and tell you how to get back on track.

And we’ve done this before. In fact, Sylvain Marcotte, our CEO, has a passion for design improvement in the world around him. One of our first customers was his favourite radio station, whom he called one day after being frustrated with how their app worked.

“I love the music you guys play,” he shared, “But your app is terrible! Can I help you make it better?” Obviously, they didn’t want to be perceived as having a bad app, especially for what they were still being charged by their previous developer, and took us up on our offer and within a few months, the app was getting rave reviews.

Sharing the way to make things better with our customers is part of our DNA. We will make your great content and services available to your audience wrapped in the best approaches to design and delivery. Our process will help identify if you are hitting the real business driver for your app, and then tune it to best meet those needs.

So, don’t wait to get a call from Sylvain! Give us a ring. At 14 Oranges, we specialize in building apps that don’t underperform, and we have a passion for making the business behind your app better, and allowing you to get the value you deserve from your mobile app investment.

Free 30 Minute Mobile App Consultation