SafeCare BC Mobile Application with the Info Grove platform

SafeCare BC as a health and safety association aimed to make the care sector a safer place to work by bringing sector specialists together to collaborate and share best practices among continuous care workers. Managing these processes is not an easy task especially in this particular area so SafeCare BC was looking for a communication tool to simplify that process and turned to 14 Oranges for assistance.

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By understanding these business challenges, 14 Oranges offered SafeCare BC a mobile-first solution allowing to simplify these operation procedures within the association and its members allowing them to remain focused on their priorities – health and safety in the continuing care sector. 

14 Oranges SafeCare BC Mobile App Features

SafeCare BC mobile application. Main page.

Consistent education, best practices sharing, and forums are particularly important for continuing care community, so the SafeCare BC mobile application created with the Info Grove platform allows to streamline the education process.

It is now easier to register for courses directly in the app, review the schedule, or register for courses with Member 365. The app also allows registered users to sign in and view the relevant course materials. The app gives quick off-line access to important documents and also contains a survey module to manage feedbacks and improve users experience.

14 Oranges SafeCare BC Mobile App Schedule Calendar

Safe Care BC mobile application. Schedule.

To encourage greater uptake of the app, SafeCare BC decided to create a competition among the members who installed the app to win a free 1-day SafeCare BC workshop.

14 Oranges SafeCare BC Mobile App Enter To Win Form

SafeCare BC mobile application. Feedback module for the competition.

“Engaging the continuing care sector has always been a priority for our Association. 14 Oranges provided us with a fantastic way to expand our reach and increase access to quality education opportunities for peer educators and healthcare workers within the continuing care sector in BC. Our SafeCare BC app provides quick access to our health and safety resources and tools, as well as a place where we can conveniently connect with our members. We encourage all continuing care workers to take advantage of our mobile app, and while you browse its options, don’t forget to enter our prize draw!” – SafeCare BC.

SafeCare BC provides more streamline experience