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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date, price, news and leaks – Techradar

“It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be a rather ‘affordable’ device – it might not cost much more than the Note 9, bucking the trend of new premium smartphones getting more and more pricey”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 official launch date is August 7, 2019!

2. Apple put an iPhone in everybody’s pocket — now its growth depends on putting devices all over our bodies – CNBC

Apple is often referred to as the “iPhone company,” because that’s the product that’s driven the majority of Apple’s sales for years.

Since 2012, the iPhone has accounted for over half of Apple’s revenue for every single quarter. But that streak broke when Apple reported earnings on Tuesday: Its biggest product accounted for only 48% of total sales, and iPhone sales were actually down 12% from last year.

Yet Apple beat earnings expectations, and total revenue was up from a year ago.

The main product category picking up the slack? What Apple calls “wearables” — the category including Apple Watch, AirPods wireless earbuds and Beats headphones.

3. Google to Enable Text-to-Speech Feature for Emergency Calls on Pixel Devices – iPhone in Canada.

Google has announced on its official blog that it will soon enable the automated text-to-speech feature for emergency calls made using the Phone app on its Pixel devices.

The feature will allow users to simply tap on the “Medical,” “Fire,” or “Police” buttons during an emergency call in order to convey the type of emergency to the operator through an automated voice service.

4. AI in Healthcare: Independent Living for Consumers – Technewsworld.

Artificial intelligence applied to healthcare includes a collection of technologies that enable machines to sense, interpret, act and learn.

There are opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform healthcare functions into data-driven services that can improve outcomes and deliver healthcare more efficiently.

Ownership of connected health devices has increased. Currently almost half (46 percent) of U.S. broadband households own at least one device, and 19 percent own at least two. Adoption of smartwatches and fitness trackers largely is responsible for driving this trend in recent years.

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5. 2019 Global Developer Report: DevSecOps – Gitlab.

To help you create an individualized flight plan for your team, we determined that the overall mission objective for all software professionals today is improvement. Software professionals often hear about the imperative to undergo a digital transformation, the importance of writing secure code, the need to increase visibility, and the urgency to reduce cycle time. All these conversations trace back to the need to improve the way teams collaborate in order to deliver value to both their organizations and customers.

6. Drone and Mobile Phone Technology Have Finally Merged – Interesting Engineering.

The device, conceived by LG and called 505 BY LGU+., looks much like a regular smartphone, shiny and shiny. But on the rear of the phone is two very slim line propellers that will allow the phone to act as a drone. Why would you need a drone phone you may ask; the answer is simple. It will allow you to capture the perfect selfie. Or as the concept’s promotional video shows you can do some hands-free Skype calling to your loved ones, get the perfect group photo or simply capture all your day to day adventure activities like bungee jumping.

7. Flexible user interface distribution for ubiquitous multi-device interaction – ScienceDaily.

Researchers have developed mobile software platform technology that allows a mobile application (app) to be executed simultaneously and more dynamically on multiple smart devices. Its high flexibility and broad applicability can help accelerate a shift from the current single-device paradigm to a multiple one, which enables users to utilize mobile apps in ways previously unthinkable.

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