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A key competitive advantage for corporations is their ability to convert their financial data into actionable insights. To enable this today, corporations would have to develop a 12-18 month plan to learn and implement multiple tools at great expense in order to extract, analyze and visualize their financial data for strategic review.  This combination of both cost and time creates a barrier to adoption that often kills the project before it begins, or makes the most advanced analytics only accessible to the richest firms. 

Vigilant AI (www.vigilant-ai.com) was launched to allow CFOs to subscribe to a service that can immediately provide analytics that will impact their bottom line. Working with CPAs trained on both proven legacy analytics platforms, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools, Vigilant AI can provide instant-on analytics to increase corporate efficiency and boost financial performance.   
Expenditure analysis, M&A review and fraud detection are amongst some of the out-of-the-box analyses that Vigilant AI can provide either directly, or through our CPA Partner Network. To find out more about Vigilant AI, you can contact them here.

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