Customer Name: She Knows Health

Years In Business: 2011 (10 years)

Customer of 14 Oranges Since: 2013



SHE Knows Health is a female focused massage and movement therapy clinic located in stunning seaside Nanaimo. 

The clinic offers female focused registered massage and movement therapy with online classes of therapeutic yoga-mobility, breathing, mindfulness and meditation allowing women an optimal integrated health and wellness lifestyle. 

Focusing on female health with education and awareness using a range of modalities and techniques for a customized treatment. Committed to working together with clients to reach their health goals. These services encompass mind body spirit connection to deliver overall wellness. Treatments help to promote quicker recovery from pregnancy perimenopause, menopause, injuries and surgeries related to breast, pelvis and cancers, sports, work and trauma. Sessions provide calmness, clarity, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, increase mobility, range of motion, joint flexibility, manage and alleviate pain and tensions, increase posture and body awareness, relieve discomfort, reduce anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

One of Vancouver Island’s Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) certified in mastectomy guide surgery pre and post recovery. Allied with female health medical clinics to aid you in extra support when needed. 

SHE Knows Health aims to empower you with a complete alternative integrative in person health plan.

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