Meet Curtis Warcup, a talented web developer who has quickly made his mark at 14 Oranges, leveraging his diverse background and passion for technology. With a history of working for Apple and a strong aptitude for learning, Curtis brings a unique perspective and a wide range of skills to his role.

Curtis and I caught up recently and had a great discussion about his professional journey and his first three months here at 14 Oranges. I love learning more about our new team members – I’m always amazed by the diversity of the backgrounds and perspectives of our 14 Oranges employees.

Driven By Curiosity and Excited By Change and Innovation

Before joining 14 Oranges, Curtis spent six years at Apple’s retail division, where he gained valuable insights into customer needs and a user perspective. Starting as a sales representative and progressing to become a Genius and a Team Lead, Curtis developed a deep understanding of customer-centricity, a skill he now applies to his web development work.

One thing that struck me about Curtis from the moment we met, was his attitude about adapting easily to new environments, expectations and roles. His journey into web development began when his girlfriend introduced him to the field. Intrigued by the possibilities, he pursued a web development course at Lighthouse Labs and quickly discovered his knack for coding.

In addition to his experience at Apple and his web development skills, Curtis has a background in pre-med at UBC. This ability to adapt and excel in different domains highlighted Curtis’s aptitude for learning and problem-solving, which is incredibly valuable in a field where the work is constantly evolving.

Beyond the ability to adapt, Curtis is incredibly curious. He says one of the most exciting aspects of his job is working with new tools and technologies. Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of web development and staying up-to-date with industry standards and trends have been significant parts of his experience. Curtis understands the importance of quickly embracing new tools and technologies to meet client expectations and deliver projects successfully.

In just a short time here at 14 Oranges, Curtis has proven to be a valuable member of our team. Curtis has showcased not only his exceptional coding skills but also his project management capabilities. He recently played a pivotal role in revamping, a website for the Pacific Infection Control Network. Even in his supervisor’s absence, Curtis efficiently organized meetings, engaged with customers, and ensured the project’s success.

This ability to balance technical expertise with interpersonal skills makes Curtis a rare find in the development field.

What the Future May Hold

Given Curtis’s deep curiosity, I was interested to hear his perspective on what he sees for the future of web development. Curtis predicts an even stronger emphasis placed on a mobile-first approach, even for companies and industries that haven’t yet prioritized their mobile presence. Many people in younger generations are skipping interactions on their computers entirely and engaging more and more fully on their phones. This is something the team at 14 Oranges has been educating clients on for years.

Aside from a continued push in the mobile-first direction, Curtis expects AI to have a huge impact on the industry in the coming months and years. He acknowledged the impact of AI in his own journey, highlighting the value he has gained from incorporating large language models like Chat GPT in his learning. These AI tools have become invaluable resources for learning and troubleshooting, helping him to expand and deepen what he learned in his initial web development training. Curtis envisions AI playing a significant role in web development and education, paving the way for exciting advancements in these fields.

A Well-Rounded Life

Outside of work, Curtis leads an active and fulfilling life. He prioritizes fitness and enjoys workouts in his home gym. As a dedicated dog owner, he spends quality time with Gilligan, his Australian cattle dog, and Charlie, his golden retriever. Exploring the outdoors, whether it’s strolling by the ocean or venturing out to Richmond’s scenic dike, brings him immense joy. Curtis is looking forward to starting the next chapter in his personal life when he marries his fiance at the end of this month

Embracing Change and Pushing Professional Boundaries

Curtis’s decision to leave his comfortable job at Apple to jump into web development shows his commitment to personal growth. “Don’t be afraid to embrace change and take risks in your professional endeavours,” he says.

For Curtis, happiness lies in the pursuit of new experiences and continuously pushing the boundaries. I’m looking forward to seeing Curtis’s continued growth and evolution as a web developer – I have no doubt that his passion for learning and growth will help him find great success and be a great asset to 14 Oranges.

If you’re interested in a dynamic and rewarding career in web development, check out the 14 Oranges Careers page for our open positions.

Sylvain Marcotte is CEO and President of 14 Oranges.

Employee Spotlight: Curtis Warcup – A Versatile and Customer-focused Web Developer