I recently had the opportunity to attend the State Education Association Communicators (SEAComm) conference in Chicago, where communication professionals from education associations across the United States gathered to share, collaborate, and learn. The conference provided a vibrant exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative technologies that shape the educational landscape. It was also an excellent opportunity to connect with other education associations looking for new and innovative ways to engage and communicate with their members.

Fostering Effective Communication within Education Associations

SEAComm serves as a platform for dedicated communication teams within education associations to discuss various aspects of communication, including member engagement, media outreach, government relations, and internal communications. At the conference, professionals from different associations came together to explore effective approaches, learn from one another’s experiences, and discuss the technologies they used in their communication efforts.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

The conference featured breakout sessions led by industry experts and association representatives, covering topics ranging from legislative action and messaging strategies to conflict resolution and technological innovations. Attendees engaged in collaborative discussions, shared success stories and explored the latest tools and platforms driving communication within the education sector.

Embracing Technological Advancements

One of the highlights of the conference was its emphasis on both software and hardware, recognizing the importance of leveraging technology to enhance communication initiatives. Discussions included topics that were close to our heart such as mobile apps, websites, as well as cameras and microphones for content generation, fostering a forward-thinking environment where professionals could discover innovative solutions to their communication challenges. There were also “non technical” discussions that were helpful for professional development. As an example, there was a session discussing conflict resolution and how to approach people that have a different opinion than you – a key skill to have in any business situation.

Real-World Mobile App Success

During the conference, we had the opportunity to showcase the real-world impact of our Info Grove mobile app platform. We collaborated with one of our latest customers, the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) to deliver a presentation that showcased the real-world potential of a mobile app for education associations. I kicked things off by highlighting 14 Orange’s expertise and then passed the mic to our customer representative from HSTA, who passionately shared their success story of achieving a 40% uptake with our app. The audience was captivated by HSTA’s story, and many conference attendees expressed interest in continuing the conversation and exploring the possibilities of a mobile app for their own association.

Unlocking New Possibilities – Beyond Mobile Apps

Beyond mobile apps, many attendees were interested to learn about our work with websites. They were excited to hear that beyond full website builds, we could also help them revamp or do maintenance on existing websites to help them better engage their members. I think they were impressed by our flexibility and ability to cater to many different website needs in addition to building their mobile app.

Opportunities for Real Connections

I think the most valuable aspect of the conference was the potential for more informal networking it provided. We had fantastic discussions with attendees over breakfast or later in the hospitality suite. When it comes to mobile apps and websites, it can be intimidating to feel like you’re being “sold to”. I think the attendees we had the chance to connect with were grateful for the opportunity to ask questions and learn without feeling pressured.

Looking Ahead

We left the conference excited about the new connections we made and the potential for future collaborations within the SEAComm community–and an appreciation for Chicago architecture and deep dish pizza.

The SEAComm conference provided a valuable opportunity to engage with communication professionals from education associations and gain insights into the latest trends and strategies. I’m looking forward to continuing our work with education associations and hopefully starting new projects with the many connections we made at the conference.

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Sylvain Marcotte is CEO and President of 14 Oranges.

Reflecting on the SEAComm Conference: Empowering Education Associations through Communication