In the fast-paced world of web development, staying up to date is crucial to ensure optimal user experience and functionality. 14 Oranges had the opportunity to work with the Provincial Infection Control Network of British Columbia (PICNet). We were tasked with uplifting and refreshing PICNet’s website to meet their specific needs and tight timeline.

What is PICNet?

PICNet plays a vital role in the healthcare sector of British Columbia, similar to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on a provincial scale. They collaborate with healthcare practitioners, including doctors’ offices and blood clinics across the province, to provide essential tools and information on infections. From addressing COVID-19 guidelines to other infectious diseases, PICNet offers guidelines, posters, and various resources that healthcare providers can use for effective infection control.

A Long-term Partnership

Our journey with PICNet began when they were already a customer of Delta Business Services, which we later acquired. We had been managing their website for a considerable time, but they recently expressed their desire to upgrade the website to meet current standards. With a specific timeline, PICNet entrusted us with the task of refreshing their website while preserving essential content and functionality.

The Uplift Process

Given the project’s time constraints and the website’s vast scope (PICNet’s site has over 100 pages), we opted for an uplift, or revamp, approach rather than a complete redesign from scratch. We selected a new theme, presenting PICNet with three options to choose from. Once the theme was finalized, we applied it to the website. To meet the budget and timeline requirements, we focused on addressing specific key pages while maintaining the existing content and structure on the remaining hundred pages. This strategic approach allowed us to deliver the desired uplift efficiently and effectively.

Revamping the User’s Web Experience

Aside from the theme uplift, we dedicated significant effort to improving the website’s user-friendliness. We focused on the navigation menu, which had become cluttered and confusing over time. We carefully restructured and redesigned the menu to enhance usability and ensure that healthcare professionals could easily find the information they needed. The menu’s organization and information design were crucial to streamline access to important resources within the website’s vast content.

Timely Execution

Meeting tight timelines can be a challenge, especially for a project involving a hundred-page website. While completing the uplift and refreshing PICNet’s website within the desired timeframe was demanding, we managed to accomplish the task in approximately three months. The compressed timeline showcased our team’s dedication and ability to deliver high-quality results promptly. We initiated the project in mid-February and successfully launched the revamped website in early May.

PICNet’s Primary Audience and Unique Challenges

PICNet’s website primarily caters to the medical community, specifically doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners. It serves as a hub for vital information and resources related to infection control. Working with a government-affiliated entity like PICNet has unique challenges, including navigating strict budget cycles and aligning with their specific requirements. Our expertise in handling these types of challenges, including adhering to budget constraints and meeting tight deadlines, helped us complete the project successfully.

The Value of Collaboration

Throughout our collaboration with PICNet, it was rewarding to see resources available through the organization gain significant visibility during the recent pandemic. As website developers, we were able to play a role in supporting healthcare initiatives, by being a part of disseminating critical information to the healthcare practitioners that rely on PICNet’s site.

I was proud of the commitment to providing tailored web solutions for government and healthcare organizations the 14 Oranges team showed on this project. By delivering the project within a compressed timeline, the team showed its ability to meet strict deadlines while maintaining high standards of quality and functionality. Our experience with PICNet was a great reminder of the importance of collaboration, strategic planning, and user-centric design in ensuring an exceptional web presence for healthcare-focused organizations.

If you have a government or healthcare organization in need of web development services, the team at 14 Oranges is ready to help you achieve your goals. Book a call today to discuss your unique requirements and how we can help you establish a powerful online presence.

Sylvain Marcotte is CEO and President of 14 Oranges.

Customer Spotlight: Provincial Infection Control Network (PICNet)