In the world of web development, it’s not uncommon to encounter client objections. These concerns often revolve around various aspects of the web development process, from flexibility to ownership and everything in between. Over the course of my career, both as the founder of 14 Oranges and prior, I’ve had my fair share of conversations with clients addressing these objections. Here are the seven client objections we hear most often and how we typically respond to them.

1. What if my business changes dramatically? Will the website be flexible to accommodate those changes?

Clients often worry that their website investment will become obsolete if their business pivots. They want assurance that the site can be easily updated or adapted. It’s a valid concern; however, in most cases, significant changes to your website are necessary only if your business pivot is truly in a different direction, and the existing style and theme no longer align with your new direction.

If you’re using a flexible platform like WordPress, handling these changes can be relatively straightforward without incurring substantial costs. Expect updates mainly on your homepage and product or service pages to reflect your new direction while leaving the rest—like your about us, careers, contact us, and blog sections—largely intact.

2. Can the website handle future third-party integrations?

We understand that businesses evolve, and your needs may change over time. This can include integrating third-party tools like CRMs or specialized e-commerce payment systems or plug-ins not yet invented. The good news is, with an open platform like WordPress, the possibilities are virtually limitless. While it might require some effort, you’re rarely in a situation where you “can’t get there from here.” We ensure that your website is designed to accommodate future integrations as technology and your business evolves.

3. What’s the ROI on this?

The return on investment (ROI) for a website project is a common concern but can sometimes be presented as an obscure objection. You might wonder how to measure the ROI for your website. The answer depends on the type of business you operate. Today, running a business without a website can often send a message of a lack of business maturity or professionalism. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram can represent your business (some businesses choose to only have a Facebook page or an Instagram account) they often don’t convey the kind of credibility you are probably looking for.

Additionally, third-party social media sites don’t provide the same level of control as your own website will allow you to have over your business. Social media sites can change their rules at any time. With your own website, you have full control over your online presence 24/7. The ROI for a business website is immeasurable. Your own business website serves as a vital tool in building your brand, building trust and continuing to connect with your target audience.

4. Who owns the code and design?

Clients who’ve had negative experiences in the past are often concerned about code and design ownership. Be sure to confirm if you’ll own the website outright once it is complete. At 14 Oranges, we prioritize transparency and ownership. Our customers own the code and intellectual property. It’s important to note that if we use WordPress, you won’t own the WordPress code itself, but all the content is yours. If we create customizations, you’ll own the code for those specific customizations, ensuring that you have control over your digital assets.

5. Can I edit the website myself, or do I have to go through the web team for updates?

We understand that some clients want the flexibility to make minor updates without incurring additional costs or waiting for a developer’s assistance. At 14 Oranges, we empower you to take control. We include training in all our website quotes to ensure that you can confidently make changes to content on your website on your own. Additionally, WordPress is a popular and user-friendly platform, with a wealth of marketing communications specialists who are well-versed in it. There are reliable professionals for hire that can help you make content changes.

6. How well does the website load internationally?

For businesses that operate globally, concerns about website speed and compatibility in different countries are valid. At 14 Oranges, we understand the importance of a global online presence. We optimize websites to ensure they load efficiently across various international locations. From content delivery networks (CDNs) to responsive design, we take the necessary steps to ensure that your website provides a seamless experience for users worldwide.

7. What if my competitor also approaches you for a website? Will you work with them too?

Ethical considerations sometimes come into play, and clients want to know where we stand. At 14 Oranges, we prioritize professionalism and integrity. While we may work with clients in the same industry, we ensure that each project is treated with confidentiality and the utmost respect for each client’s unique needs. Every client project receives the same dedicated attention, confidentiality and commitment to excellence.

8. It’s Normal To Have Concerns

Embarking on a web development project can raise various concerns – investing in your website is an important decision, so it’s completely normal to have hesitations or reservations. If your questions are met with resistance or are not answered to your satisfaction by a web developer, you might want to consider working with another team. At 14 Oranges, we’re open and happy to answer your questions and walk you through our process so you know exactly what to expect.

If you’re considering an update to your existing website or building a new one and you have hesitations or questions, please book a call. The 14 Oranges team is happy to help walk you through the process so you can feel confident and comfortable before getting started.

Sylvain Marcotte is CEO and President of 14 Oranges.

Demystifying Website Development: Addressing 7 of Our Most Common Client Concerns