Mobile Apps for a Mobile Workforce

The question to you is, how efficient is your mobile workforce? Big or small, your workforce can benefit from schedule management, location tracking and workflow efficiency reporting to help you keep your costs low, and, at the same time, increase your customer satisfaction. A large number of businesses use whiteboards, spreadsheets and even scraps of paper to track their resources and the work they are performing. Workforce management can help eliminate these ad-hoc systems and allow you to see where your processes are working, and where they need work.

  • Full and part-time worker schedule management
  • Automated skill-based job assignment
  • Map-based workforce tracking
  • Programmable workflow definitions and reports
  • Custom forms for data collection
  • Offline data collection and online data sync

You have a requirement to assign tasks to your mobile employees, both full-time and part-time, and provide them with data access so they can get the job they have been assigned done the first time without having to return to the office or back to the remote site multiple times.

You are also likely to have tried a few solutions as well. Some solutions are focused on asset management. Some are focused on document management. Some are focused on payroll and timesheets as means of tracking. They all have their own mobile apps or web interfaces. We will provide you with a single, unified mobile interface for your workforce that will also track their location when safety, audit and compliancy are critical.

14 Oranges will provide you with a hosted mobile workforce management service. Simply put, we will manage your custom workflows distributing data collected from your mobile workforce through a single mobile interface to our backend or pass the data through to your key enterprise backend systems through their APIs. We report on your customized workflow so you can get more wrench-time from your workforce than downtime.

Custom workflow, custom forms. Custom reporting.

14 Oranges will give you the actionable insights you need to make your workforce more efficient.


Sample Mobile Workforce Customers

BC Safety Authority
Western Pacific
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City of Richmond