After the initial blog post about favourite apps, I have determined that a person’s favourite app is more revealing about their personality than I initially suspected.  The app that a person reaches for the most highlights what they do with their spare time, their interests and what they value.  Who knew?

For part 2 of an ongoing series, and in no particular order of importance, I present three 14 Orangers and their favourite app. Let us know if you like them, hate them or have never heard of them!

Andrew Sommerfeld


This app gives a photographer full control of the Apple Camera (exposure, ISO, etc) on their phone. It’s great if you’ve wanted to have full ISO, exposure or aperture control over the built in camera.

I refused to download this app on principle- I won’t pay for an app unless I desperately need it.  But, from watching the demo videos I think this would really elevate my Instagram game (just in time for eggnog latte season, NOT pumpkin spice because that’s disgusting). – Kirsten


Dan Lefrancois

The Score

It has a widget that allows me to customize what shows up for sports scores, so at a glance I can get what I’m interested in. Overall, it is very customizable throughout and does provide up-to-date information when I want it.

Since I know less than nothing about sports I was surprised my phone even allowed this app to download. I chose the Canucks (duh) as my team to follow in the app.  It was cool the way all the current news stories involving the Canucks showed up so I could scroll through the ones that interest me. I could also check scores and select my favorite players to follow.  Since I don’t know any of the Canucks (except Trevor Linden whom I almost spilled wine on at the Maple Leaf Lounge at YVR) I didn’t select any players to follow. – Kirsten

I only recognize one name of the Canucks' players I'm following
Oh yeah, totally makes sense…

Sylvain Marcotte


Stocard is an app where I can store all my loyalty cards. It is free and has a great selection of existing cards but more importantly, it can also allow you to add other cards (and pictures). The great thing is that it works on my Moto 360 so I can get tellers to scan it from my wrist.

During my brief tenure with the Apple Watch I got a glimpse into the future that involves paying for things with a watch.  Once I finally got my Starbucks app to work on the watch, I was very impressed with how much better it was to pay that way.  I can only imagine a world in which ALL my loyalty cards are in one place and not jammed into my wallet. – Kirsten

The convenience! The ease!
The convenience! The ease!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our favourite apps!

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