03 Feb

Kirsten Campbell



East Coast vs. West Coast

On Jan 19, 2016 the way we order coffee and use apps was changed forever because the Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay finally launched in Vancouver. Even though Vancouver is becoming more and more of a tech hub, we still lag behind Toronto, and it’s enraging to us West Coasters. However, I shall put my technology beef aside in order to applaud the glory of the Mobile Order & Pay app because it deserves a standing ovation and a maybe NASCAR champagne celebration. I cannot say enough good things about this app and it thrills me that the hype is legitimate.


Mobile ordering and mobile ecommerce is on the rise! Read about how Cyber Monday 2017 broke mobile shopping records here

The original East vs West battle

The original East vs West battle. No doubt they would have bonded over Mobile Order & Pay

Location, location, location


I must mention that the first step to get the mobile ordering part of the app is to enable location services. Duh, right?

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