Town of Arnprior, Ontario Releases a Mobile App.

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The Town of Arnprior, Ontario, with approximately 8,795 residents, has launched a mobile app to improve communication and engagement with citizens.

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Available for free on both iOS and Android, Arnprior residents are now equipped with an on-the-go mobile application to perform daily tasks and navigate within the town.

“Arnprior is out front on this issue,” CAO Michael Wildman said. “So it’s all right there at your fingertips.”

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The Town of Arnprior focused heavily on location-based engagement by providing automated notifications with “beacons” to notify residents. Residents will be notified when driving by the Arnprior & District Museum about the latest exhibits, for example. Or, while biking along Robert Simpson Park a message will encourage the user to learn about the upcoming concert in the park. These are just a few of the geographic-based notifications provided by the Town of Arnprior.

The app also encourages active mobility in the Town by including locations lists and information for healthcare facilities, parks, libraries, trails, parking lots, and municipal buildings.

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Town staff plan to constantly update and add new content, such as the “Vote 2018” features that help citizens participate in its upcoming municipal election. Residents can view the schedule of events, register to vote, view registered candidates and view FAQs.

After the election commences, Arnprior staff can access the Info Grove backend, delete the election content, and add new features to keep the app fresh.

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In order to facilitate two-way communication, the Town has added important information about council and committees, such as meeting calendars, the mayor and council list, agendas and meeting minutes, and a “request to speak” feature.

An important focus of the app was to help citizens complete real-world tasks. Citizens can access garbage and recycling schedules and view recreation schedules like public swimming or ice skating.

Lastly, citizens can view information on job opportunities, access festival and event details, and information on road closures and other emergency information.

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“It is the wave of the future,” Mayor David Reid said about the Town’s new mobile app.

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The Arnprior mobile app was built and hosted using 14 Oranges’ Info Grove platform. Click here to learn more about Info Grove mobile apps!

Town of Arnprior, Ontario Releases a Mobile App