16 Jan

Sylvain Marcotte


Hiring – Entry Level Inside Sales Representative

Inside sales


We are looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated recent graduates (or individuals graduating this spring) to join our sales team on a full-time basis as entry level inside sales representatives. You will be required to research, contact and manage sales accounts for our major service offerings, and will receive mentoring in both traditional and digital sales techniques to ensure your success. Previous sales experience is not required, but previous work experience is an asset.

Responsibilities Will Include:
• Account and market research
• Account outreach and sales via cold calling, email and social media
• Report on your progress against key performance indicators
• Ability to learn new technologies quickly and adapt to ever changing circumstances

Desired Qualifications:
• A business, commerce, marketing degree, or an engineering/computer/science/math degree with a desire to learn the dark arts of sales and marketing
• Excellent written and oral English skills. French and Spanish would be considered strong assets
• An ability to speak with confidence
• Ability to listen to customers and take detailed notes on what they want
• An iPhone or Android owner, who uses and understands how apps work
• A desire to learn and grow a career in sales, sales engineering, marketing and/or sales operations
• A valid Canadian passport and ability to travel to the US
• You have watched the Salesforce (https://goo.gl/n3iJ4I) overview videos to understand the sales tools we are using before applying
• You are an avid reader of the news and actively stay informed about what is happening in the world

Job location(s): Richmond, BC.

Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format to hr@14oranges.com with REF 14O-ISR17-W
Part-time applicants or those still needing 1 year to complete their degree need not apply.

06 Jan

John Craig


The secret rule for a successful Disney vacation

Walt Disney World

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
– Walt Disney

If Walt Disney imagined hosting your 16-person family on vacation at his resorts, he certainly had one vivid imagination for the impossible; and I certainly had fun doing it.

Now, there is one rule to having a good time at Disney, both on the cruise and at the resorts. In all honesty, if you don’t apply this rule, you will be spending a lot of time waiting in lines, or missing out on some of the best perks available to you.

This one rule is book everything you plan on doing in advance.

This means, set aside any thinking you might have that Disney is something you can do ad hoc. You can try, but you are likely to be disappointed. To enjoy it, you have to book it all in advance, otherwise you won’t get to everything you want to do, or can do, in the time available.

When you get your cruise/resort package in the mail, they give you a date on which you can begin to book your adventure. On that day, wake up at 4am and book everything you want to do. This includes your Disney Fastpass for lineups. Do not try to wing this. On the day you arrive at the resort (we picked the Magic Kingdom) you will find every major ride is booked up within 30 min of the park opening and you will be in lineups all day. Lineups, especially on the most popular rides, run in the 120-150 min range without Fastpass, and watching your fellow Disney travellers waltz ahead of you in the Fastpass line will become vexing quickly.

Disney Lineups

The other thing you need to book in advance is your premium dining. Now if you are a foodie, like I am, there are some amazing restaurants in the Disney family. Our family was cruising on the Disney Dream, and it had two premium dining restaurants, Palo and Remy. Palo was an à la carte Italian restaurant and the Osso Buco lived up to its billing. Remy was a fixed menu set by two of the world’s best chefs, one the American head of the world class Victoria & Albert’s Restaurant at Walt Disney World and the other a two star Michelin chef from France. Set with the right wine pairings we left full of truffle sprinkled goodness.

Remy Menu

That isn’t to say the standard dining is lacking in any way. My son raved about the burger we had in the Magic Kingdom, and I’m happy to say the hot dogs they served in the park where really good as well!

One of the best things to book on the cruise is a cabana on the private Disney Island. This gives you your own area on the beach, as well as snorkelling gear and private golf cart transfers to and from the boat. The snorkelling is terrific and Disney created a fantastic underwater park to swim through, complete with artificial reefs and statues of Mickey Mouse. Throw in a massage on the beach as well and you will head back to the boat relaxed and refreshed.

At Walt Disney World, we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, with a room overlooking one of the many park’s savananhs allowing us to watch giraffes and zebras from the balcony. It really made for a special trip and the kids really enjoyed their stay at the hotel.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

One thing we missed out on booking in advance was the night trip through the park, allowing us to see the animals with night vision goggles. At the front desk they told us that the night trip through the park only takes 10 people out per evening and books up months in advance, taking me back to rule number one; make sure to always book in advance!

Before you go, you will want to download the Disney cruise and park apps for your smartphone. Login with your Disney account and you will be able to see your Fastpass bookings, dinner reservations and spa appointments. You will also be able to see the wait times for rides you don’t have Fastpass for before walking across the park. On the boat, the app allows you to text message your fellow passengers, allowing you to stay in touch over the boat’s WiFi network. This will help you track down your party when you need to get to your dinner reservation on time.

Enjoy the magic!

15 Dec

John Craig


We have the rundown on the latest in mobile games!

Mobile Games

Remember Brickbreaker on your BlackBerry? Well we have the latest rundown on mobile games; everything from games that work offline when you are on the plane, to online multi-player games and augmented reality. On this week’s edition of Plugged In we cover it all just in time for Christmas!

09 Dec

John Craig


Thinking game consoles for Christmas? Upgrades and retro gaming are here!

Nintendo Classic Edition

14 Oranges’ CEO Sylvain Marcotte explores the latest game console innovations and the dramatic shift that has taken place from hand held gaming platforms, such as the Nintendo DS, to Apple and Google smartphones. In this edition of Evolution 107.9’s Plugged In with Jared Thomas, Sylvain lays out the shift to 4K ready video game consoles, the appeal of retro gaming to millennial’s and how we are now able to play Super Mario anytime, anywhere.

08 Dec

John Craig


Our list of must have tech toys for Christmas

Tech toys for Christmas

Are follow-me drones, Fitbits, Apple watches on your Christmas list? How about a home automation/home security system? Sylvain Marcotte, CEO of 14 Oranges, reviews this year’s list of must have tech toys for Christmas with Jared Thomas of Evolution 107.9’s Plugged In.

07 Dec

John Craig


Single this Christmas? We have the rundown on apps to get you back in the game!

Dating Apps

Whether you just read our post on ending your relationship using technology, and you are now back on the market, or you are single and looking for that special someone for the holidays, we have your needs covered in this edition of Plugged In. I speak again with Mike Turcotte from Evolution 107.9 about the latest apps available for finding love. Not me mind you … I woo’d my fiancé using traditional analog techniques: dinner and dancing.

06 Dec

John Craig


Technology to help you end your relationship before the holidays

Dumped by Technology

The Christmas holidays can be particularly tedious if you are in a relationship that is going nowhere. Buying gifts for your not-so-significant-anymore somebody before the holidays can be stressful chore. But there is hope … the Relationship Transfer Deadline. Coined by BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills it’s the last day before Christmas when you can safely let go of your significant other and open up your holiday schedule and bank account for your own commercial cravings, and technology can help you get it done! I sit down with Mike Turcotte from Evolution 107.9 and talk about the pro’s and con’s of tech breakups in this edition of Plugged In.

30 Nov

Sylvain Marcotte


How to build the 55” IKEA Frankenstein Sit and Stand Desk It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

IKEA Bekant Frankenstein

A while back we did a review of the IKEA Bekant Sit and Stand Desk. As you probably know, the IKEA Bekant desk in its standard configuration comes in a 63” width which in our case was too wide for our working cubicles. Too wide by 3” to be exact. When we purchased one we noticed the way it was was built, and figured out that it wouldn’t be too hard to reduce its size, albeit with a few hacks. In this post, we will discuss how we were able to hack the 63” Bekant desk using the IKEA catalog and build a 55” variation of the IKEA Sit and Stand desk which we have dubbed the Frankenstein. Scary sounding, but honestly, it was worth the effort!

1) Purchasing the parts at IKEA

Maybe the most difficult part of this whole process is actually purchasing the parts. It used to be that the parts for the Sit and Stand desk were all in the self-serve area of IKEA so getting them was easy-peasy, but it seems that IKEA keeps changing where they store those items. We figure they don’t like customers buying up inventory generally meant for one purpose and used for another, or maybe they are onto us! I always figured I was being tracked via my iTunes purchases of ABBA’s Greatest Hits …

The first time we did this (yes, we’ve done this a few times), the 55” table top was in self serve and the underframe was available at the pickup area (where you pay for the item first, and then someone brings them to you). That was easy. The second time, both items were in the pickup area so we had to visit a few different clerks and get two order sheets for the pickup area. Looking at their website today, it appears the underframe is now available in self serve but the tabletop is under pickup.

In any case, you need to be a bit clever in order to get what you need. The key is that you have to go twice to see a clerk and request just the item that you need, because (as mentioned previously) they might get wise to the inventory hack you are performing. I suggest you come up with a story that you bought a Bekant before and it got damaged and you just need that part. I mean, come on … didn’t we just beat the Swedes in the Olympics Hockey finals?! I think they owe us this one without getting suspicious.

Once you have the parts, the rest is straightforward as long as you own or can borrow a bench saw,a drill and the right bits for cutting metal (more on that to come).

2) Purchasing the parts at hardware store

Unfortunately because the 55” Bekant tabletop does not have the same hole patterns that are used on the 63” tabletop, we need to buy some screws and a few washers. You will need 12 size 10 – half inch screws.


Just to be clear. They are size 10 (the size of the screw head) and are half inch long. You will also need 12 half inch washers. Note I am not 100% sure of the size. They were in a bulk pile when I picked mine up. Look at the picture for an idea of the size. If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you can figure this out.


You can also use a few tie wraps. 5 to 10 will do. You can substitute other types of restraining straps like twist ties or rubber bands instead if you prefer.

3) Making the cuts

The way the underframe is built, it relies on two long bars that hold the two motors that allow the tabletop to move up and down. By simply shortening those bars, you are effectively reducing the size of the underframe. Everything else (more or less) works per normal.


To make the cuts, you don’t even need to measure anything (well note we are using 55” tabletop. Other sizes might require measurements). You just need to line up the two bars side by side and then slide one of them so that the outside hole lines up with the inside hole (see figure). You then draw a line on the piece you need to cut and you repeat the same exercise for the other end of the second bar.


Make sure you don’t cut the same bar twice because you would then be SOL with one long bar and one short bar. To make the cut, make sure you use a blade that’s designed to cut metal. And safety goggles! Google Glass doesn’t qualify here. Once you have done your cuts, you can use a file to remove any shards.

4) Drilling the holes

Once you have made your cut, you need to drill holes for the bolts. For each side, you will need to drill 2 holes. Those holes are meant for the bolts that hold the motor to the bars A small hole through and through both layers a tad bigger than the size of the thread part of the bolt but smaller than the head of the bold. And then a bigger one for only the top layer of the bar.


The position of the hole is simply done by matching the position of the other bar’s inside hole.


5) Attaching the table to the desk underframe

Once you have your adjusted bars, you can bolt them to the motors just like the regular IKEA instructions tell you to do. You can then bolt the end pieces to the each side of the bars/motor assembly. With the tabletop upside down on the ground, put the middle piece and lower the bars/motor assembly on the underside of the tabletop. Use a small drill bit to drill 16 lead holes (4 per each end sides and 4 for the middle piece). Use a washer and screw per hole to affix the underframe to the tabletop.


6) Putting it all together

You can now plug all the necessary wires and affix the up/down control to the table just like you would on the normal setup. Again follow the IKEA instructions. One of the drawbacks of this setup is that you can’t use the mesh netting provided with the desk to hide all the cables and the power adapter. I use a few tie wraps to affix the power adapter to middle of the middle bar. I use a few twist ties to neatly bundle the excess wires.


7) Voila!

You are now ready to use your IKEA Frankenstein Sit and Stand desk and amaze all your friends.

Cautionary Notes

Since the motors are pretty heavy and that the screws used to affix the underframe to the tabletop are pretty short (and can’t be much longer), be gentle when carrying the table as you don’t want the underframe to come off. It hasn’t happened to us yet but best to be safe and use your fingers to hold the end parts of the underframe when carrying the table.

23 Nov

John Craig


Dad! There’s a drone at the door!

Drone Delivery

Knock, knock! One-way drone delivery of packages under 5 pounds has the economic potential of becoming a very useful service for retailers and for the delivery/collection of medicines and medical samples. However, before our skies can be filled with drones, regulators will have to set standards for the management of these services. On this edition of Evolution’s 107.9’s Plugged-In, I spoke with Levi Sinclair about drone delivery, and what it holds in store for consumers in the near future.