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Fresh opinion on an internship in 14 Oranges from the UBC student, Keejung Park. | 3 minutes read


Nearing the end of my co-op term at 14 Oranges, I can safely say that the experience here has been insightful and refreshing. From my first day here, I was warmly welcomed into the organization, well-supported throughout, and as a result, I will thoroughly miss the colleagues and the environment at this company.


Keejung Park 14 Oranges intern



As a co-op student with no technological work experience, I relished an invaluable opportunity to work alongside tenured individuals and develop my skills and knowledge base. The work structure at 14 Oranges has given me a good foundation on how a company and its members functions, that I can hopefully mirror in my future career.

Sylvain, the 14 Oranges owner and CEO, met my wishes to partake in development beyond my expectations, providing guidance and direction in the development of Blueberry, an internal tool for monitoring customer subscriptions, allocating time when I had inquiries and required his input. With the mentoring and support of leading web-developer – Nasim, I successfully completed the project, extending my software development skills and technological insight.

My primary responsibility at 14 Oranges was mobile QA testing, where on certain stages of the development cycle I performed QA tests on new Info Grove builds on mobile devices. Thanks to Yvonne, Senior QA Team Lead, I had been able to quickly adjust to the workflow in Mobile QA Testing. The developers of Info Grove were happy to offer clarifications in the software and help with the QA process, overall improving the quality of my experience.

Going forward, I will remember the warmth and support I received as a co-op student at 14 Oranges and will apply the learning done here in my future academics and career.



Looking to hire new grads? Put your focus on student-athletes.

Kevin Wiens #3

When compared to my colleagues at 14 Oranges, it is safe to say that I stand out of the pack, and that had turned out to be a good thing. I have spent the last 10 years of my life dedicated to the game of football. It was my passion throughout high school and well into my time at UBC. I was fortunate enough to play for the UBC Thunderbirds (#3) for 4 seasons, while also winning the Canadian college football national championship in 2015. Largely from my performance in that game, I was selected to participate in the 2016 CIS East-West All-Star game that showcased the top talent in Canada for the CFL draft. As you can probably tell by now, I’m not in the CFL … I’m an inside sales rep at 14 Oranges, and this shows how student-athletes have a winning advantage.



When I first spoke with John Craig, our VP of sales and marketing, he informed me during the interview process that he wanted someone with the work ethic of a football player. This is exactly where my athletic experience would translate into the professional world. During the 2015 season for UBC, I experienced countless ups and downs. In week one, I played the best game of my career after intercepting Laval’s quarterback two times. The following week I experienced an all time low, when I was benched for the entire second half after getting beat on a deep route. What football taught me is that you cannot quit when the going gets tough. Fast forward 2 months and I’m starting at defensive back for UBC in front of 13,000 fans in Quebec City playing for the national championship. It’s the memories like these drive my performance and motivation. College athletes develop a work ethic that is hard to find, they learn how to work together as a team, and know that quitting is never the answer. That is the experience I bring to 14 Oranges.


Although it was well established that I would not need a tech background to perform my job, I cannot help but feel out of place. I have never coded, nor developed a software of any type. One of my colleagues, Manu, likes to joke around with me where he will let me press buttons so I feel like I completed a code for his projects. During company meetings where we discuss application development, I sometimes sit wondering what language they are speaking. But all of this is okay, for what I bring to the table is a national championship mindset. With my experience, I continue to work every day to bring clients to my colleagues to develop a top-notch mobile app. Every week I make strides to improve my sales performance and am always seeking to learn more about the tech world. Our team at 14 Oranges is just like a football team, we are all highly specialized each with our own unique skill set. We have the marketing experts, web experts, app experts, and so on. We also share the same values as a football team, which is the desire to win. Everyone here wants to see the company continue to grow into North America’s leading mobile app provider – and that’s a champion mindset I can relate to!

Hiring – Entry Level Inside Sales Representative

Inside sales


We are looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated recent graduates (or individuals graduating this spring) to join our sales team on a full-time basis as entry level inside sales representatives. You will be required to research, contact and manage sales accounts for our major service offerings, and will receive mentoring in both traditional and digital sales techniques to ensure your success. Previous sales experience is not required, but previous work experience is an asset.

Responsibilities Will Include:
• Account and market research
• Account outreach and sales via cold calling, email and social media
• Report on your progress against key performance indicators
• Ability to learn new technologies quickly and adapt to ever changing circumstances

Desired Qualifications:
• A business, commerce, marketing degree, or an engineering/computer/science/math degree with a desire to learn the dark arts of sales and marketing
• Excellent written and oral English skills. French and Spanish would be considered strong assets
• An ability to speak with confidence
• Ability to listen to customers and take detailed notes on what they want
• An iPhone or Android owner, who uses and understands how apps work
• A desire to learn and grow a career in sales, sales engineering, marketing and/or sales operations
• A valid Canadian passport and ability to travel to the US
• You have watched the Salesforce (https://goo.gl/n3iJ4I) overview videos to understand the sales tools we are using before applying
• You are an avid reader of the news and actively stay informed about what is happening in the world

Job location(s): Richmond, BC.

Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format to hr@14oranges.com with REF 14O-ISR17-W
Part-time applicants or those still needing 1 year to complete their degree need not apply.

Hiring – Senior Web Developer


We are looking for a senior web developer to join our team on a full time basis. You will be working on some of our new customer projects.

Responsibilities May Include:
– Development of web sites and back end systems
– Interface with customers throughout life of projects
– Fix bugs in existing code base

Desired Qualifications:
– At least 7 to 10 years of PHP/mySQL development
– 4 years working with Javascript and/or jQuery
– MVC Framework Experience (Laravel or similar)
– Experience working with WordPress
– Experience with JSON and/or REST API development
– Experience with Twitter Bootstrap, Photoshop, and GIT would be a plus
– Experience with Python would be a plus
– Good communication skills
– Good attitude
– Good aptitude

Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format to hr@14oranges.com with REF 14O-SWD16-W

Hiring – Web Developer

We are looking for a senior web developer to join our team on a full time basis. You will be working on some of our new customer projects.

Responsibilities May Include:
– Development of web sites and back end systems
– Interface with customers throughout life of projects
– Fix bugs in existing code base

Desired Qualifications:
– At least 2 years of PHP/mySQL development
– 2 years working with Javascript and/or jQuery
– MVC Framework Experience (Laravel or similar)
– Experience working with WordPress
– Experience with JSON and/or REST API development
– Experience with Twitter Bootstrap, Photoshop, and GIT would be a plus
– Good communication skills
– Good attitude
– Good aptitude

Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format to hr@14oranges.com with REF 14O-WD16-W

Hiring – QA Tester – Contract


We are looking for a QA Tester for a 2 months contract. You will be working on variety of small and large projects that we are currently working on.

Responsibilities include:
– Executing test plans on mobile phones and tablets (iOS / Android)
– Executing test plans on desktops using modern browsers
– Making modifications to test plans to improve coverage
– May include implementing set of tools / scripts for automated testing
– Reporting bugs
– Helping development team reproduce bugs

Desired Qualifications:
– 2 to 3 years of experience in QA / testing functions
– Good communication skills
– Good attitude
– Good aptitude
– A demonstrated interest in mobile technologies

The position can be based from our office in Richmond or be based from your home but with visits to our office as required. We will provide the necessary equipment as required.

Please send your resume and cover letter to hr@14oranges.com with REF 14O-QA16-W

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started my Career as a Developer

14 Oranges is extremely passionate about creating a better community for developers in Vancouver.  We got together to brainstorm 10 things we wished we’d known before starting our careers as devs and presented it to the awesome students at Lighthouse Labs so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes the rest of us did!  Check out the video for:

  • Pros and cons of small and large companies
  • Tips and tricks for job hunting and interviews
  • Networking
  • Work-life balance and more!

*Start the video at 3:18 to see Shane and Sasan’s grad photos!

Hiring – Part Time Bookkeeper


We are looking for a part time bookkeeper to join our team. You will be helping us with some of our day to day accounting tasks.

Responsibilities May Include:
– Accounts Receivable – create invoices, communicate with customers regarding payments, review receivables for aging accounts.
– Accounts Payable – post invoices, prepare payments.
– Bank reconciliations.
– Payroll – prepare and submit bi-weekly payroll.
– Other general accounting tasks as needed.

Desired Qualifications:
– Minimum 3 years previous experience in a bookkeeper position.
– Post secondary diploma / degree in accounting would be preferred.
– Proficient with Quickbooks.
– Prior experience with Quickbooks Online an asset.
– Exemplary communication skills.
– Good attitude.
– Good aptitude.
– Confident, self starter who can work independently.

The position is part time but can eventually grow into a full time position. This position could be done from your home although visits to our office in Richmond would be required in some cases.

Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format to hr@14oranges.com with REF 14O-FB15-W

Accounting firms need not apply.

Doritos, Standing Desks and Flexibility: Creating an Appealing Work Environment for Developers

It’s no surprise that happy employees are more productive workers than those who hate their jobs.  According to Fast Company, employee happiness increases productivity by 12% but that number won’t be a surprise to anyone who has worked at a soul sucking job they despise.  Since the tech industry in Vancouver is really competitive, companies have been forced to raise the bar to attract and maintain top talent.  

Work to Live or Live to Work?

At 14 Oranges, we believe attracting and maintaining fantastic developers starts with work-life balance, which is why there is incredible flexibility for our schedules.  Most people here have kids so a typical 9-5 in the office is rather impractical for swimming lessons and school runs.  Yvonne did an awesome job describing life as a parent at 14 Oranges so there aren’t any parenting specifics I could add.  I’ve worked in technology for years and in my experience the flexible hours are not usually taken advantage of because people are worried they’ll be perceived as lazy or not committed to their jobs.  This is not the case at 14 Oranges and it is the number one reason we have hung onto amazing employees for so long.

Turnover can be costly for an organization, which is why we are proud of our very low turnover rate. Employees have been here since day 1 and it’s extremely rare for someone to leave.  For example, the last employee to leave wanted to start a different career but it was still sad.  Having low turnover rates speaks volumes of a company and how they treat their employees.  

Let’s Stay Together

Since most 14 Oranges developers work from home, it’s important that we get together each month for lunch.  Staying in your bubble at home can easily make someone forget they have human coworkers so we like monthly face time to remember what everyone looks like.  Stay tuned for photos of the panini party that I’ve been threatening.  In addition to bi-weekly Google Hangout meetings, we also have a summer BBQ and a Christmas lunch so we can feast on seasonal food, delight and general merriment.

Doritos: I Wish I Could Quit You

It doesn’t take much to impress me (clearly) because I think our snack cabinet is a work of art.  We have a fancy mini fridge full of beverages (Dr. Pepper for everyone!) and a shocking amount of Costco snacks.  The giant box of gummies is so simple and inexpensive to buy but this is the first workplace I’ve had where we had snacks and it’s amazing!  Eating all the chips and gummies in the office is so glorious because I can be even lazier and not walk to the cafeteria (that’s right, we have a cafeteria on site too).  I know that some people think having drinks and snacks in the office is nothing special but for me this is paradise.  Also, Sasan, I will continue to dominate you in the gummy wars (muhahahah).  Small perks mean a lot and the fact that Sylvain asks us what we want before he goes to Costco is super considerate.  I’m still working to gain support for Wine Wednesday but we shall see!

Hardware Policy and Employee Investment

Each developer at 14 Oranges is provided with an equipment budget, to be used at their discretion, so they can determine what they need and spend the money accordingly. Plus, having tons of hardware around to use for testing is really cool.  Not really a form of hardware, however, our standing desks are a nice perk for those who get tired of sitting.  They can be used by anyone in the office so the fancy desks aren’t the exclusive domain of senior staff.

In June, Luis was lucky enough to attend the Apple WWDC in San Francisco to learn about current and future iOS, apps and get in the auditorium for the famous keynote.  Employee development is crucial to developers because there’s always new stuff to learn and keeping up to date on the industry is essential.  

I’ll Get Off My Soapbox, I Promise

Companies are always looking for ways to appeal to the talent pool and in our industry that’s essential because it’s so competitive.  It’s not rocket science that treating people like adults and appreciating their value goes a long way to keeping staff happy.  Being trusted to work from home and make your own schedule is something that is widely touted as the future of work but it’s very rarely executed.  Even in 2015, the majority of companies expect you to be in the office from 9-5 and those who leave to attend to children or other obligations are looked upon with suspicion.  It’s not realistic that everyone can fit their life into a 9-5 schedule and with technology we don’t have to anymore.  Freeing developers from the shackles of being chained to an office is what will ultimately attract the best talent.  Oreos and Doritos don’t hurt either…


Off to play ping pong and foosball downstairs!

The Working Mom at 14 Oranges

I have my dream job!

No, I am not an astronaut (sorry six year old me – that one didn’t pan out). Instead I am a Working Mom who doesn’t have to feel guilty about the “Mom” part of that title.

Ever since I became a Mom my kids have been my first priority. As everyone with kids will tell you “they grow up too fast” and given that my son is soon going to be a teenager and my daughter is now a 10 year old tween, I can attest to that statement being very true.

I had a lot of fun going to baby singing classes, toddler soccer lessons, Mommy and Me ballet and many other kids’ activities. I always knew however that I wanted to get back to work so my brain would be challenged with something a little more than just remembering the words to “Row, row, row your boat.”

Many companies love to advertise that they offer work-life balance. On further inquiry this generally means the option to work from home once a month or a couple of extra days of “personal time off”. The reality is that won’t cut it if you want to be involved in the lives of your busy kids on a day to day basis.

14 Oranges is different. This company truly understands work-life balance and should be a model to all organizations. I work from home full time – going into the office once or twice a month. Many of my coworkers have young kids, so meetings don’t get scheduled between 2.45 and 3.15pm as everyone knows this is the school run time.  I have time each morning to get my kids breakfast, pack their lunches and send them off to school. With a one minute commute time to my desk I am still easily able to start work before 9am – something that would be completely impossible if I had to drive to an office.

After school the kids make their own way home and understand that they need to let me finish off my work day. We are a sports mad family – hockey and soccer in the winter and baseball in the spring. On game days I’ll finish work early enough to get to the rink or park, and then put in a few more hours later in the evening. When the kids are sick they can stay snuggled up in bed knowing I am working just down the hall. I never have to use a vacation day to look after a sick child – something that is the norm for many working Moms.

Oh – and did I mention the cool points? As the Quality Assurance lead for an app/web development company I need a lot of devices for testing. At last count I had 11 different devices on my desk. Believe me if you are a 10 or 12 year old kid – having your Mom get the latest Apple or Android device as soon as it comes out is WAY cooler than her being an astronaut!