New mobile engagement tool for BAGI

Mobile application for the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis | 5 minutes read


BAGI or Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis is the professional association that unites people from the residential construction industry and related businesses to conduct their business efficiently and ethically to provide the community with reliable, safe, affordable residential construction accomplished by competent professionals in the industry.

It has always been a high priority for BAGI to promote, educate and network with their members, along with providing advocacy, education and meaningful services to benefit its members and the new-home building industry in the most efficient way. BAGI was looking for a solution to replace their existing mobile app with a newer and more user-friendly platform that would make interaction and communication within the community become faster, more productive and convenient.


Bagi mobile application from 14 Oranges


After researching for options, BAGI chose 14 Oranges based on their deep experience in the mobile application development industry while understanding the association’s needs. 14 Oranges were able to provide them with a mobile-first approach to enhance the engagement with BAGI’s members.

One of the vital issues in the project was the transfer of the association’s existing app content into the new platform which 14 Oranges was able to do with ease.

Thus, in April 2019 the brand new mobile application for BAGI was launched and now is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The BAGI mobile app is a very simple and convenient engagement tool that creates a place for members to go for internal communications. Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis members can use this app to stay in the loop of Association events and activities.

Furthermore, the mobile app can easily provide members with access to Policies and Procedures, internal messaging, schedules of the upcoming events, industry news like government affairs, networking and others. It is also possible to collect feedback from the members to improve association services.


BAGI mobile app


The application has a simple but modern interface as well as the easily-managed CMS platform Info Grove, allowing to create and manage the content, add or remove modules quickly and conveniently.

“14 Oranges successfully replicated all desired functionality from the previous app while developing other improvements. Positive internal feedback has focused on the accessibility of the backend. Expect 14 Oranges Software to follow a straightforward and accountable process and meet their commitments”, Director of Communication and Special Events, Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis, Kristen Krempp.


You can order a free demo of your mobile application HERE.

A mobile application is an essential tool for an organization

About the advantages of mobile apps for organizations | 5 minutes read


      It has been almost two decades since the first smartphone came into the market (remember those Palm Treo?). Since that time, the technology landscape has seen tremendous improvements such as the ability to receive emails or full internet browsing and of course mobile apps. Those improvements have boosted the development of supplementary industries such as mobile phones production and software development.

      Since the first apps were developed back in 2008, our smartphones have become an essential part of our life – it influences our behaviors especially in the way we consume information, consider it, and take action. No wonder that on average we spend 8.8 hours per day engaging with digital content on our smart devices (According to Adobe Consumer Content Survey).

      With that in mind, it is important to consider that drastic behavior change in how you communicate with your audience. No longer is it sufficient to just send emails and expect 100% engagement from your audience or simply have a website, smartphones and mobile apps must be considered or you risk the chance to lose your customers or members.

mobile app


How can your association or organization benefit from a mobile application?


Before answering, let’s analyze human behavior.

We want to get the information in the most efficient way which means fast, relevant, convenient, and interactive, and also we want our voice to be heard. So, we tend to engage with the content that can constantly satisfy our expectations. In return, organizations are looking for options on how to satisfy our needs.

In professional marketing terminology, this process is called customer experience.

Let’s consider how a mobile application can improve your member’s customer experience.


1. Fast and relevant information delivery

With a mobile app, your customers or members will receive the updated or most relevant information right in the app or with special app notifications or pop-up messages. There is no need to wait for a web page download or even remember a specific URL to find out the information. With everything in the app, you can be sure your customers or members receive all updates on time.


2. Engagement efficiency

First, you have a mobile tool to create different interactions with your members or customers to hear their voice and analyze their opinion to improve your services. Voting, surveys, collecting feedback on a specific topic or the event – all of this can be implemented directly in the mobile app.

Second, the customer can use smartphone tools to engage with the app: make screenshots/photos and attach them in the app, scan barcodes, screen fingerprints to identify themselves for voting or surveys for example.


3. Costs reduction

Direct messages in the app reduce costs compared to other traditional messaging options. Moreover, the messages are secured and its delivery is guaranteed because you as an organization control this process.

It reduces the costs for the operational support of your community members or customers because you do not have to manage the traditional paperwork, for example organizing the elections or surveys.


4. Improve your brand awareness.

The branded mobile app icon is always noticeable on the mobile phone screen and it constantly reminds your members about your brand and organization’s activity.



In general, by considering a mobile application now, you are ensuring your customer’s or member’s loyalty in the future.

Next time you are taking public transit, take a look around and see how many people are looking at their smartphones. Now ask yourself a question, are they looking at your app or the app of one of your competitors?



Consider a mobile application for your association?

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SafeCare BC provides more streamline experience

SafeCare BC Mobile Application with the Info Grove platform

SafeCare BC as a health and safety association aimed to make the care sector a safer place to work by bringing sector specialists together to collaborate and share best practices among the continuous care workers. Managing these processes is not an easy task especially in this particular area so SafeCare BC was looking for a communication tool to simplify that process and turned to 14 Oranges for assistance.

By understanding these business challenges, 14 Oranges offered SafeCare BC a mobile-first solution allowing to simplify these operation procedures within the association and its members allowing them to remain focused on their priorities – health and safety in the continuing care sector. 

Info Grove platform

SafeCare BC mobile application. Main page.


Consistent education, best practices sharing, and forums are particularly important for continuing care community, so the SafeCare BC mobile application created with the Info Grove platform allows to streamline the education process.

It is now easier to register for courses directly in the app, review the schedule, or register for courses with Member 365. The app also allows registered users to sign in and view the relevant course materials. The app gives quick off-line access to important documents and also contains a survey module to manage feedbacks and improve users experience.


 Info Grove platform

Safe Care BC mobile application. Schadule.

To encourage greater uptake of the app, SafeCare BC decided to create a competition among the members who installed the app to win a free 1-day SafeCare BC workshop.


SafeCare BC mobile application. Feedback module for the competition.


“Engaging the continuing care sector has always been a priority for our Association. 14 Oranges provided us with a fantastic way to expand our reach and increase access to quality education opportunities for peer educators and healthcare workers within the continuing care sector in BC. Our SafeCare BC app provides quick access to our health and safety resources and tools, as well as a place where we can conveniently connect with our members. We encourage all continuing care workers to take advantage of our mobile app, and while you browse its options, don’t forget to enter our prize draw!” – SafeCare BC.

Unifor Mobile App


Unifor is Canada’s largest private sector union with more than 315,000 members across the country working in every major sector of the Canadian economy.


Unifor has launched its new mobile app for union members and the public to stay connected in an easy to use digital platform. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android and operates in both French and English. Primarily, the app focuses on the information most relevant to local Unifor activists, including breaking news, priority solidarity campaigns, and a calendar of events.


Unifor mobile app


Unifor runs advocacy campaigns, such as “Support Local 597! Send a letter to Dwight Ball” or “Universal Pharmacare” and plans to use the app to gain public momentum. A series of targeted push notifications, based on union sectors, member status, and geographic location, can be sent to members across the country in seconds. Union members have immediate access to campaign links and can send an advocacy email in minutes.

mobile advocacy campaigns


The mobile app also includes a breaking news section, which is automatically updated on an ongoing basis. Unifor members can access the latest union news in seconds, making staying informed faster and more convenient.


mobile app breaking news


“Unifor has a comprehensive online presence. This new tool will help activists and allies stay up-to-date on campaigns and get more involved,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.


event mobile app


UNIFOR brings a modern approach to unionism: adopting new tools, involving and engaging members, and looking for new ways to develop the role and approach of unions to meet demands in the 21st century.


custom app experience


While the Unifor website remains the most complete source of news and resources about the union’s broad range of activities, the mobile app is designed to be the “at-a-glance” digital tool for staying engaged.


Unifor mobile app


“Members have told us they want easy access to news they can use about their union, on their mobile phones and we have delivered,” said Katha Fortier, Assistant to the National President in charge of the Local Union Task Force.


The Unifor app was built using 14 Oranges’ Info Grove platform. Info Grove allows Unifor staff to independently add and edit content in the backend CMS. Staff can set geo-fences, add banner ads, and create new campaigns with the content management system. Click here to learn more about Info Grove mobile apps.


Info Grove mobile apps



Education Minnesota Mobile App

Education Minnesota

Education Minnesota has launched its new mobile app for members, students, and the general public to stay engaged with education in Minnesota.


The mobile app is available for free on both iOS and Android to members and the general public.


Education Minnesota Mobile app



Comprised of over 89,000 members, Education Minnesota includes K-12 teachers, university faculty, college students, and retired educators all committed to positive educational change in Minnesota.


Education Minnesota


The app connects union members and industry advocates with an easy-to-navigate mobile platform for advocacy, events, and communication.


Available exclusively to members is the membership card section, which allows members to access their benefit card and launch their unique QR code to redeem benefits where accepted.


Education Minnesota


Also available through the mobile app is a calendar of events, all recent publications from the Minnesota Educator Magazine, links to social media, and information about advocacy action.


The mobile app can be used by members to stay up to date regarding industry news and events, and access resources to improve their individual impact.


mobile app events


Members will have improved access to tools that contact lawmakers and increase legislative action. Education Minnesota can send push notifications immediately to direct users with a call to action.



The mobile app was built using 14 Oranges’ Info Grove platform. Info Grove is a combination of a web-based content management system and a mobile app that gives staff quick access to app content.


Education Minnesota staff will be able to quickly update and add new content with a user friendly backend interface.


Education Minnesota can also send targeted push notifications, set up geo-fences and beacons, create polls and surveys, and much more.

Click here to learn more about Info Grove mobile apps!

Macdonald-Laurier Public Policy App

macdonald laurier logo


The Macdonald-Laurier Institute is a non-partisan, independent national public policy think tank in Ottawa focusing on the full range of issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Download the app for Android and iOS today!


The Macdonald-Laurier Institute mobile app is the touchstone resource for informed, non-partisan commentary on Canadian federal public policy. The mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android.


Macdonald laurier mobile app


The app provides Canadian opinion leaders, decision makers, and concerned citizens with timely access to the best ideas on vital Canadian issues including national security, global affairs, fiscal policy, innovation, natural resource management, Indigenous rights and criminal justice, to name just a few.

Along with quick and easy access to videos, commentary and podcasts, and social media integration, the app is the best way to receive upcoming MLI event notices.


Also included in the MLI mobile app is a list of institute experts with contact information and biographies, and PDF downloads for all recent MLI Inside Policy Magazine.



The Macdonald-Laurier Institute mobile app was built using 14 Oranges’ Info Grove platform.


Info Grove is an easy-to-use mobile app and content management system for organizations and government bodies. Info Grove allows non-technical individuals to access and edit app content using the cloud-hosted CMS.


Interested in a mobile app for your organization? Click here to learn more about Info Grove.

Info Grove mobile apps

Mobile Apps for Associations: 8 Must-Have Features Member Engagement & Communication

association mobile apps

Advocacy associations often have a difficult time connecting with members regarding industry news and events. As email open rates decline, association executives are searching for new ways of reaching members to keep everyone informed. In order to match the changing demographics (millennials), associations are beginning to migrate to mobile apps.

Within the last few years, many advocacy associations have begun developing mobile apps to provide members with a mobile-first approach to engagement. Mobile-first strategies are implemented with the goal of allowing members to access content on the platform of their choice, and not limiting the user to a desktop. If your association is considering a mobile app for member engagement, here are six must-have features to guarantee mobile engagement.

1) Targeted push notifications

Sending a mass push notification is the same as sending a mass email, though useful, segmenting communication will increase engagement and open rates. Mobile apps for associations must be equipped with targeted push notifications so members don’t feel overwhelmed with constant alerts.

Associations should target members based on a variety of factors, such as age, location, personal interests, profession, etc. When members first launch the mobile app, they should be asked a series of questions to personalize their experience with your new app.

The Washington State Pharmacy Association asks users to list their profession (either pharmacist, retired, student, or pharmacist technician). In doing so, the WSPA can send news and information to those who it’s most relevant; meaning students will not be notified for events regarding retired professionals in Washington.

arkansas education association mobile app

2) Polls, surveys, and forms

When adopting a mobile-first strategy, integrating polls and surveys is critical for two-way communication. Associations are able to collect data and information that help better understand the needs and opinions of members for future development. It’s important to eliminate barriers that members face when attempting to engage with your association – make engagement as easy as possible.

Use polls to ask members about recent legislative initiatives, their favourite parts of the app, or whatever your association finds most important. Coupled with targeted push notifications, quick polls are a powerful tool to receive member insight fast.

It’s important to ensure that the polls you create are linked to a backend data source for collection and organization. If the poll requires immediate attention, such as a live event or political policy action, it would help for association staff to receive the forms via email or text if needed.

association mobile apps

3) Event integration

Gone are the days of “one-and-done” event apps. Associations are now realizing the value of a year-round mobile app as a platform for member engagement. As many marketers are aware, the hardest part of marketing your mobile app is getting people to download it to their personal devices. It’s believed that once a user has downloaded the app, you’ve passed the largest hurdle for mobile engagement. Provide the event schedule, speaker lists, sponsor list, etc., for event attendees to make the mobile app a must download.

It’s common for associations to have multiple events per year, whether an annual general conference, a local meeting, or even online webinars. A mobile app should allow your staff to create new pages and content for every event your association hosts.

Event pages in the app should allow users to add events to their native calendars and schedule reminders. To improve engagement, event pages should let users seamlessly share on social media to promote attendance by more members. Further, users should be able to find key information, such as directions, contact info, and links to sign up for the event.

Coupled with targeted push notifications and polls, your mobile app will provide a next-level event engagement strategy and create a new event experience for members.

Event app


4) Political contacts

At its foundation, advocacy associations strive to make positive change with respect to political policy and government action. An association mobile app should link users to their local state/provincial/municipal representative to contact via email or phone.

One mobile app integration to consider for political advocacy is KnowWho, a membership engagement service to contact legislature representatives. By adding a third party service like KnowWho, associations can run a mass advocacy campaign in a mobile environment with targeted push notifications. Send call-to-actions to members and ask them to send an email to their state representative through the app or share information on social media.

mobile app advocacy


5) Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

Mobile apps provide a mobile-first environment for rallying members (Click here to learn about our “Campaigns” feature for Associations!). Grassroots advocacy can be streamlined in a mobile setting when combining targeted push notifications with association campaigns. Unifor runs advocacy campaigns, such as “Support Local 597! Send a letter to Dwight Ball” or “Universal Pharmacare” and plans to use the app to gain public momentum. A series of targeted push notifications, based on union sectors, member status, and geographic location, can be sent to members across the country in seconds. Union members have immediate access to campaign links and can send an advocacy email in minutes.

mobile advocacy campaigns


6) Backend content management system

Mobile apps must make the life of association staff easier, not harder. Many mobile apps developed today are equipped with a backend content management system to allow staff to easily add and edit content. 14 Oranges’ Info Grove platform is easy to learn and offers drag and drop mechanisms along with simple data import capabilities.

A second way to reduce the workload for association staff is to provide unique logins for the backend of the mobile app. Specific staff should have their own login information and authority within the backend, meaning not all staff would have the same power to change content. Association executives should be able to appoint new staff to edit content or send a notification without fear of a mass application error. The backend should require no coding knowledge to make changes and to add content.

Info Grove mobile apps CMS


7) Member ID Cards

Mobile apps are a great way to provide access to association benefits to members. The Minnesota Education Association allows members to launch their unique ID card to redeem benefits where accepted.

Minnesota Education App


8) Donation Portals

It’s essential for your mobile app to feature donation portals in easy to locate places to help streamline fundraising campaigns on mobile devices. For member donations, it works best to link members to your existing association web page from the app.

The Missouri Education Association uses its mobile app to link members to three separate donation portals: The PAC, the Hope Fund, and the Cheer Fund. By providing a donation portal in your mobile app, you are making the donation process as easy as possible for members.


association mobile apps infographic

Read more about Why Associations need a mobile app here.

14 Oranges provides mobile apps for associations across the U.S. and Canada. Info Grove is the platform designed to make mobile apps easy. With Info Grove, association staff can build a unique mobile app with features specific for each association. No coding required. Click here to see if Info Grove is right for your association.

Info Grove

Why Associations Need a Mobile App (Infographic)

arkansas association mobile app

14 Oranges develops mobile apps for advocacy associations and non-profits across the U.S. and Canada. As mobile media consumption rises, more associations are migrating to mobile apps to engage their members and the general public. From the Arkansas Education Association to the Washington State Pharmacy Association, advocacy groups are turning to mobile to find new ways of informing members about industry news, events, and resources. Several associations are also using mobile apps and push notifications to streamline donation campaigns in a mobile-first environment.


WSPA mobile app


Mobile apps offer a unique opportunity for member-based associations to stand out, attract new members, and improve engagement. Here’s a brief infographic outlining why your association needs a mobile app in 2018!



association mobile apps infographic



association mobile apps


Mobile Apps for Advocacy Associations

Looking for a mobile-first engagement strategy for your association? Click here to see if Info Grove mobile apps is right for your association.



Info Grove mobile apps



The Washington State Pharmacy App for Mobile Advocacy

Washington State Pharmacy association


The Washington State Pharmacy Association has launched its new mobile app for association members and pharmacy advocates. The WSPARX mobile app is available on both iPhone and Android and offers resources, news, and tools to connect users to the pharmaceutical industry. 

wspa mobile app

Member Engagement Mobile App

The mobile app allows association members to access resources and information in a mobile-first environment, with content stored offline for quick access. Members use the app as an all-in-one toolkit to perform advocacy actions, attend events, and share content on social media.

wsparx mobile app


The app provides association members with immediate access to KnowWho, a membership engagement service to contact their legislature representative. With a push notification directing members to the KnowWho page, an association can run a mass advocacy campaign in a mobile environment. Users can contact state legislators by email or phone, take online education courses, and participate in surveys that reflect local principles.



Mobile Apps Made Easy


The Washington State Pharmacy Association mobile app is built using 14 Oranges’ Info Grove mobile app software. Info Grove is a content management system that allows association staff to add and update content, send push notifications, and receive user information (polls, surveys, push notifications).


Info Grove mobile apps CMS


Staff members from the Washington State Pharmacy Association can easily reach their audience with Info Grove’s targeted push notifications. Alerts can be sent to members based on predefined factors, such as age, location, or profession.


The mobile app also serves as a powerful event engagement platform. Specific content and pages within the app can be added with just a few clicks, making event apps extremely easy. The platform is quick to learn and requires no coding background to operate. Staff can easily send push notifications during live events, quiz the audience, and provide maps and information to users.


Info Grove Mobile Apps


Reach your members today. Learn more about Info Grove mobile apps.

Manitoba Egg Farmers Association Launch Mobile App

MEF logo mobile app


The Manitoba Egg Farmers Association has launched its mobile app for association members and provincial farming advocates. The Manitoba Egg Farmers (MEF) represents 170 regulated egg and pullet farmers across Manitoba and is an independent organization, funded entirely by egg and pullet farmers. The MEF mobile app is available for free on both iOS and Android.


manitoba egg farmers association mobile app

The Manitoba Egg Farmers Association are the third agricultural association to launch a mobile app for both iPhone and Android under the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) app umbrella, or ASApp.

CAHRC developed the Agricultural Smart-Association App (ASApp), a powerful smartphone app that helps agricultural associations engage their members, save money and generate revenue by providing self-managed mobile application services.


The mobile app was built using 14 Oranges Info Grove platform, allowing CAHRC to develop and maintain mobile apps for its affiliate associations. In addition to Manitoba Egg Farmers, the Canadian Young Farmers Forum and the Canadian Honey Council have also launched mobile apps with CAHRC and 14 Oranges.


The majority of the content in the Manitoba Egg Farmer mobile app is maintained by staff at the Manitoba Egg Farmers Association, while also receiving content updates from CAHRC in specific areas in the app.

manitoba egg farmer mobile app


The mobile app includes access to CAHRC-provided employer tools, including the AgriHR Toolkit and other staff management services. The mobile app also links users to the national job board for agricultural work, either to find work or post new positions.


As farmers spend a great deal of time out on the field, the app was built to provide crucial information regardless of a phone connection. Association members have immediate access to national level safety guides for agricultural best practices. The Canada FarmSafe Place (CASA) and the Emergency Plan section of CASA are available to app users without in the app while offline, perfect for farmers who spend the day away from home.


Users of the Manitoba Egg Farmer mobile app will have quick access to egg prices and quota exchanges month to month, important information for egg farmers. The MEF mobile app also updates members with agricultural updates, or “Poultry News” via an automated RSS feed.



“Each association’s version of the app is customized for branding and functionality, allowing ASApp to adjust menus, content and features as desired,” explains Andrew Hurrell, Business Development and Stakeholder Engagement, CAHRC. “Smartphone apps like ASApp bring the best of your website to your members’ mobile phones.”



Other organizational advantages to ASApp are cost savings, as it retires traditional print and media approaches and brings newsletters, journals, and event programs right to the phones of association members – with all information easily updated by staff via the web interface.


Finally, mobile app usage analytics and easy to administer member surveys help association staff receive insights about their membership engagement levels. The data collected helps staff understand what’s driving mobile engagement and find new ways to increase communication with members.



Learn how easy it is to manage a mobile app today.