When To Replace Your Responsive Website with a Native App

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Our customers often ask us when is it best to replace their responsive website with a native app. We tend to answer this question with a more end-user experience question. How frequently will the end user access the service or information you are presenting? A native app will give a superior user interface speed and… Read more »

How Mobile Apps Improve Government Inspector Productivity

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A July 2013 Deloitte University Press article shared the following 5 ways for how mobile application deployment can improve the productivity of government mobile workers: Reduce time spent on data entry Enable better situational awareness for frontline employees Enable work from any location Improve accuracy and reduce the effort involved in performing tasks Enhance collaboration… Read more »

MISA Ontario, June 5-8, 2016 Blue Mountain Resort, Collingwood

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    MISA Ontario’s event allowed us to meet with the top IT professionals supporting municipalities and citizen services in Ontario.  With speakers from the US, Canada and as far away as New Zealand, we introduced our mobile workforce management service for government.  We look forward to following up with all attendees over the coming… MISA Ontario, June 5-8, 2016 Blue Mountain Resort, Collingwood“>Read more »

Towards a More Efficient Mobile Government Workforce

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Before I head out to the MISA Ontario Conference, the annual gathering of the technology managers inside Canada’s municipal governments, I wanted to pause and outline the question I’m going to be asking the attendees I meet this weekend: How are you managing your various mobile workers in each of your departments? I’m expecting a… Read more »

Sylvain Marcotte Reveals the Origin of the Name 14 Oranges

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Mike Turcotte from the British Columbia Institute of Technologies’ (BCIT) radio station Evolution 107.9 interviews 14 Oranges CEO Sylvain Marcotte on his experience in the mobile application development industry. Sylvain shares insights for students, the growth taking place in the industry and also reveals the origin of our firm’s name, 14 Oranges! Listen to the… Read more »