I Scared the Crap Out Of Myself with Halloween Mobile Apps and Games so You Don’t Have To

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When I was a kid my favourite show was the X-Files (can’t wait for the reboot!) and I still remember the most terrifying episode, appropriately called Home, about the inbred mutant freaks that murdered townsfolk.  Seriously, this episode was so scary, reruns have actually been banned from the network.  This was the first time I… Read more »

Don’t Want Your Website to End Up Like Ashley Madison? Get Piece of Mind with the 14 Oranges Semi-Annual Website Review

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A website is an essential sales and marketing tool that is the face of your company and the first touchpoint for customer interaction. Websites must to be updated and evolve along with your business in order to maintain a fresh look and keep up to date with Google analytics regulations and industry changes.  Mobile searches… Read more »

Nearshoring: The Best Alternative to Offshoring for North American Companies

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The digital business environment is incredibly competitive, so organizations rely heavily on cost cutting measures to affect their bottom lines. With engineering costs of application development ever increasing, offshoring technical work can look like an attractive option for many corporations in Seattle and Portland.  However, offshoring presents many challenges such as language barriers, time zones… Read more »

Doritos, Standing Desks and Flexibility: Creating an Appealing Work Environment for Developers

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It’s no surprise that happy employees are more productive workers than those who hate their jobs.  According to Fast Company, employee happiness increases productivity by 12% but that number won’t be a surprise to anyone who has worked at a soul sucking job they despise.  Since the tech industry in Vancouver is really competitive, companies… Read more »