Orange Squash Is the Fogbugz App Every Developer Has Been Waiting For

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Bug tracking is a necessary evil for any mobile or web developer.  Keeping track of all the bugs is incredibly time consuming and tedious as you’re working on multiple projects for different clients (which is one of the many reasons I could never be a developer- too expensive to replace the computers I’d throw against… Read more »

Don’t Fear The Walking Dead, Just My Bumbling Attempts At Survival in Zombie Mobile App Games

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In case you weren’t aware, Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel to the Walking Dead premieres on Sunday.  The teaser is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen because it reveals nothing, but the fear is palpable (I’m terrified to see what he’s running from).  This series is a prequel set in LA (but… Read more »

There’s An App For That (Part 2)! Three More 14 Oranges Staff Reveal Their Favourite Mobile App and Why

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After the initial blog post about favourite apps, I have determined that a person’s favourite app is more revealing about their personality than I initially suspected.  The app that a person reaches for the most highlights what they do with their spare time, their interests and what they value.  Who knew? For part 2 of… Read more »

Whitepaper- The Engineer’s Guide to Fleet Management Solutions: Increasing Competitive Advantage and Employee Productivity

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If you are part of an organization that has a mobile fleet, you are likely finding it difficult to maximize your bottom line.  Fleets are a necessary part of many businesses, but they can easily become a huge source of financial waste and inefficiency.  However, with an appropriate engineering solution, a fleet can become a… Read more »